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Aesthetic and distinctive
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This innovative display combines the proven reliability of the Zipper presentation wall with a novel frame system that offers unparalleled aesthetics and appeal. The fusion of a sturdy tube system and elastic fabric graphics enables a dynamic and contemporary presentation of advertising messages. The corner connectors are made of anodized aluminum and equipped with safety clips for additional stability and security. The solid base plate ensures excellent stability, even in high-traffic environments. With the flexible tube frame solution, widths of 60 to 100 cm can be achieved, providing a variety of presentation possibilities. The entire unit is packed in a compact transport bag, allowing for effortless transportation and easy handling.

Furthermore, there is the option to separately purchase additional graphics that can be attached to the Zipper Banner Deluxe’s tube system using a zipper. This option provides a cost-effective and efficient way to present different advertising messages and designs to customers without having to replace the entire system. The flexibility and versatility of this display make it an outstanding choice for marketing and advertising purposes in various industries.

  • Modern advertising media
  • Unmistakable appearance
  • Easy exchange of graphics
  • High quality pipe system
  • Fast assembly even for inexperienced people
  • Particularly easy to transport
  • Low crease and opaque
  • Change subjects available
  • Standee, display
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Scale of prices: Zipper Banner Deluxe

Zipper Deluxe 60 x 200 cm

from 3 pcs.: € 229,- (245,-)
from 5 pcs.: € 214,- (231,-)
from 10 pcs.: € 195,- (210,-)

Zipper Deluxe 80 x 200 cm

from 3 pcs.: € 259,- (279,-)
from 5 pcs.: € 246,- (266,-)
from 10 pcs.: € 223,- (242,-)

Zipper Deluxe 100 x 200 cm

from 3 pcs.: € 290,- (313,-)
from 5 pcs.: € 278,- (302,-)
from 10 pcs.: € 253,- (276,-)


Prices for double-sided print in bracket.
larger quantities on request!

Dimensions: Zipper Banner Deluxe


Aluminum tube system
Display fabric
crease-resistant, washable and opaque


4c sublimation printing (photorealistic)
on the back if desired


5.7 - 9.65 kg (depending on size)


Alternating printed cover

Field of use


Scope of delivery

Aluminum tube system
Printed display fabric
Transport bag

Further information: Zipper Banner Deluxe

Advertising displays play a crucial role in presenting brand messages and product information in various environments. The advertising display, consisting of a robust tube frame system and textile cover, is a remarkable solution for versatile advertising purposes. With the option for double-sided printing, it serves not only as an eye-catching focal point but also as a functional room divider or standalone display.

The Zipper Banner Deluxe offers flexibility and seamless integration with other advertising media. Combining it with Zipper Walls from the same product family, which share the same functional principle and similar surface texture, creates a harmonious overall appearance. This contributes to a professional and consistent advertising presence while effectively conveying corporate identity (CI).

For integrating promotional counters, the use of counters with textile covering is recommended. These not only complement the appearance of Zipper Banners and Zipper Walls but also create a coherent and appealing presentation of the company or brand. Combining different advertising media with similar materials and designs helps maintain a consistent visual identity and enhances the impact of the advertising campaign.

When looking for a suitable location for your Zipper Banner Deluxe, it is advisable to choose a flat and even surface. Once you have found the perfect spot, the first step is to open the transport bag to remove all poles and the advertising print. These multi-part poles must now be connected to form individual long poles according to their numbers. A simple numbering on the poles significantly facilitates this process – connect pole 1 with pole 1, pole 2 with pole 2, and so on. Once all poles are connected, you can lay out the advertising print over the frame and securely fasten it using the zipper. The next step is to mount the base plate at the bottom to ensure the stability of the display. Once the base plate is attached, nothing stands in the way of your impressive advertising presentation.

However, it is important to note that the Zipper Banner Deluxe is intended exclusively for indoor use. For optimal use and to ensure product longevity, it should not be used outdoors as it is not designed for weather resistance.

The Display allows for the use of elastic textile graphics that enable a dynamic and modern representation of advertising messages.

The assembly of the Display is simple and quick even for inexperienced individuals. With simple instructions, poles can be connected and advertising prints can be attached.

Yes, the Display can be double-sided printed, increasing its versatility as an advertising medium for various applications.

TheDisplay is designed for indoor use and provides a robust solution for various applications such as trade shows, exhibitions, business premises, etc.

Yes, the Zipper Banner Deluxe can seamlessly combine with other products such as Zipper Walls and promotional counters with textile covering to create a consistent visual identity.

The entire Zipper Banner Deluxe is packed in a compact transport bag making it particularly easy to transport, facilitating transportation to various venues.

Yes, its solid base plate ensures excellent stability even in high-traffic environments.

Yes, by using a zipper, replacing or exchanging advertising prints over the frame can be done easily without having to replace the entire system.

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