Cleaning, repair and re-branding

You own advertisers and would like to use them for many years? But you do not have the knowledge to reach this ambitious target?

Cleaning, repair or re-branding? No problem! Our qualified employees will be happy to take on such activities for you. We use special cleaning agents to remove all types of dirt so that your advertising media appear in new splendor. Over time, advertising media can show any damage, cracks and the like. Of course we take care of such defects so that advertising media can still be used at events in the future.


Because our customers use advertising media for many years, it can always happen that logos and designs have to be changed. We will also gladly do this re-branding of existing advertising media. It is very likely that an old advertising medium can be adapted to current corporate designs. This is certainly cheaper than buying a new one! Of course, advertising media from other manufacturers can also be customized.

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