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Our Rollup ECO is undoubtedly one of our top best-sellers. In addition to its sturdy aluminum cassette, this model stands out for its excellent value for money. The centerpiece is a high-quality roll-up film that effectively and precisely conveys your advertising message to the specific target audience. Furthermore, the roll-up is equipped with a fold-out foot and comes in a durable, padded carrying bag. The Rollup is available in three different widths: 85 cm, 100 cm, and 120 cm.

It should be noted that there are numerous roll-ups on the market offered at extremely low prices. These are often made of inferior quality aluminum, have wobbly feet, and an unreliable spring core construction. We consciously choose not to offer such roll-up displays because the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. While most roll-up cassettes may look similar to our Rollup ECO, the difference in quality is often evident in the weight specifications.

  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Solid quality
  • High stability
  • Solid aluminum cassette
  • Robust transport bag
  • Inexpensive & high quality
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Scale of prices

Roll up Display ECO 85

from 3 pcs.: € 100,-
from 5 pcs.: € 92,-
from 10 pcs.: € 88,-

Roll up Display ECO 100

from 3 pcs.: € 111,-
from 5 pcs.: € 98,-
from 10 pcs.: € 93,-

Roll up Display ECO 120

on request!


larger quantities on request!


Print Medium

Premium PVC banner
Matt back


Aluminum housing with a fold-out foot


Halogen lamp

Weight of the cassette

ECO 85: 3.8 kg
ECO 100: 4.2 kg
ECO 120: 4.7 kg

Scope of delivery

Rollup ECO
Digital printing
Transport bag


Roll up ECO 85
Visible size: 85 x 200 cm

Roll up ECO 100
Visible size: 100 x 200 cm

Roll up ECO 120
Visible size: 120 x 200 cm

Further information

Roll Up displays are versatile advertising tools available in various price and quality categories. These portable banners are highly popular in the marketing industry due to their ease of setup, portability, and high effectiveness. From budget-friendly models to high-end options, the market offers a wide range of Roll Ups catering to different needs and budgets. The rollup ECO is in the mid-priced range.

The Roll Up ECO we offer represents a solid model with excellent value for money. It is an entry-level model in the upper quality class designed for daily use. Its robustness and reliability make it an excellent choice for diverse applications at trade shows, events, and other promotional activities. This particular model is available in three different widths (85 cm, 100 cm, and 120 cm) to meet the individual requirements of various advertising placements.

What sets the Roll Up ECO apart in its price range is its comparatively higher weight. This results from using a cassette made of thick aluminum. This construction is a notable quality feature as it provides additional stability to the Roll Up and ensures its durability.

The sturdy aluminum cassette of the Roll Up ECO not only offers an appealing appearance but also increased resistance to everyday use and transport. The reliability of this model makes it an excellent investment for businesses seeking a reliable, high-quality, yet cost-effective advertising tool.

Remove the Rollup ECO from its protective carrying bag and locate the 3-part roll-up pole, which is located in the special slot at the back of the cassette. A simple grip is sufficient to remove it. The next step is to unfold the metal foot at the bottom of the cassette, which serves as a stable base for the display.

Now assemble the individual poles of the roll-up pole to obtain a continuous, solid pole. This is then inserted into the small hole in the middle of the cassette. Gentle pressure ensures secure fixation.

The next step is to gently pull out the printed roll-up material from the bar protruding from the cassette. Ensure that the print is not creased or damaged. Attach the end of the material to the head of the pole to ensure a clean and taut appearance.

Please note that Rollup ECO displays are designed for indoor use and should not be exposed to direct wind or weather conditions. The stability and effectiveness of the display are best ensured in a protected environment.

Rollup ECO is available in widths of 85 cm, 100 cm, and 120 cm.

Yes, a carrying bag is included with Rollup ECO.

Unlike inexpensive roll-ups from online sources, this model offers solid quality with a cassette made of robust aluminum. The print presents sharp graphics and does not curl at the edges.

This model is an ideal choice for businesses seeking a reliable, high-quality yet cost-effective advertising tool.

The advertising area of Rollup ECO and Rollup BASIC cannot be changed as they are firmly connected to the spring core. Graphic changes are possible with our Premium models COMPACT and CLASSIC but should be carried out professionally. We are available for these tasks.

We can provide spare parts for all our roll-up systems.

Roll-ups were not designed for outdoor use. Due to their low weight and large wind exposure area, we advise against outdoor use as stability cannot be guaranteed.

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