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Discover the limitless possibilities with our display CONTOUR made from high-quality plastic panels! No matter what shape or contour you envision, our robust Smart X solid plastic panels make it a reality. With precise millimeter cutting and high-resolution, brilliant printing, an unparalleled and extremely flexible display is created, bringing your visions to life. Our versatile advertising displays enable the detailed representation of almost all products and shapes.
The option for double-sided printing opens up another dimension for your advertising messages. The sturdy base ensures optimal stability and a low center of gravity, ensuring that your advertising displays stand securely. Please note that these displays are designed exclusively for indoor use. Perfect for showcasing product replicas at trade shows, in stores, or in corporate foyers. Illuminate your products and messages with our custom-designed plastic panel advertising displays and leave a lasting impression on your customers!

  • Fast setup
  • Good stability
  • Individual digital printing (also on both sides)
  • Can be used for many years
  • Exchangeable plates can be easily exchanged
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Specifications: Stand-up Display CONTOUR


Stable Smart X all-plastic plate printed and cut to shape
Metal stand


High resolution, single sided or double sided


Change motifs

Field of application




Scope of delivery

Stand in various designs
Printed plate

Further information: Stand-up Display CONTOUR

Our product range includes a wide selection of advertising displays and stands designed to meet your individual needs. From practical roll-ups to eye-catching customer stoppers, we offer a variety of solutions to effectively present your message. However, our contour-cut displays stand out in particular. With their unique ability to depict almost any desired shape and contour, they not only remain in the memory of your customers but also represent your product in a distinctive way. The flexibility of these displays CONTOUR allows for visually appealing and precise representation of your brand or product.

In addition to their striking design, these contour-cut displays offer further advantages: they are relatively cost-effective and require no power supply. Their quick setup and effortless placement make them an ideal companion for trade shows, events, or business premises. These features guarantee a fast, easy, and effective presentation of your advertising messages without elaborate preparations. Choose our contour-cut displays to showcase your product or brand in a unique and lasting way – eye-catching, cost-effective, and ready for use in no time!

The printed advertising panel is simply inserted into the base plate and secured with the supplied screwdriver.

The Displays CONTOUR are extremely quick to set up. Thanks to their design and ease of use, they can be set up in no time, making them ideal for events, trade shows, or business premises.

The contour-cut displays are equipped with a sturdy base that ensures optimal stability. This guarantees that they stand securely and firmly in place.

Yes, the contour-cut displays are custom-designed using high-resolution digital printing. They offer the option for double-sided printing to effectively present your advertising messages.

The contour-cut displays have long-term durability and maintain excellent quality even after prolonged use. Additionally, the interchangeable panels support their longevity.

These displays CONTOUR are exclusively designed for indoor use and are perfect for showcasing product replicas at trade shows, in stores, or in corporate foyers.

No, the contour-cut displays function entirely without electricity and are therefore very flexible in their placement and usage.

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