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The Expolinc Rollup COMPACT represents the pinnacle in terms of quality and user-friendliness. Its standout feature undoubtedly remains the exquisite design, characterized by the use of high-quality aluminum, smooth curves, and precise craftsmanship. The robust aluminum cassette effortlessly withstands even the most demanding handling, while the fold-out base ensures remarkable stability, even in uneven environments. Each Roll up COMPACT is delivered as standard in an extremely durable carrying bag, providing comprehensive protection for the aluminum cassette and guarding against potential damage. As with all our Expolinc series roll-ups, we offer a lifetime warranty on the entire system to underscore its reliability and durability.

The height-adjustable telescopic pole allows for effortless setup of the system and provides the flexibility of seamless graphic height adjustment. These features make the roll-up ideal for discerning users who want to present high-quality products or brands in an impressive manner. Available in widths of 85 cm and 100 cm, it adapts to various presentation needs. Furthermore, it is possible to change the advertising subject as needed, ensuring customizable and versatile usage.

  • Lifetime warranty on the system
  • High quality innerspring
  • Solid aluminum cassette
  • Height changeable
  • High stability
  • Robust transport bag
  • Exchange of graphics possible
  • Can be used for many years
  • Premium quality
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Scale of prices: Expolinc Rollup COMPACT

Expolinc Roll up 85

from 3 pcs.: € 196,-
from 5 pcs.: € 184,-
from 10 pcs.: € 181,-

Expolinc Roll up 100

from 3 pcs.: € 225,-
from 5 pcs.: € 206,-
from 10 pcs.: € 204,-


larger quantities on request!

Specifications: Expolinc Rollup COMPACT

Print Medium

Special film with barrier layer (opaque)
matt back
Ferrari Premium Banner (not opaque, no curling, Surcharge)


High quality aluminum housing with telescopic rod
Panel bar


Halogen lamp


Padded packaging
wide opening for optimal removal

Scope of delivery

Roll up Compact
Digital printing
Transport bag

Dimensions: Expolinc Rollup COMPACT

Expolinc Rollup COMPACT 85
Visible size: 85 x 215 cm
Graphic dimensions: 85 x 242 cm

Expolinc Rollup COMPACT 100
Visible size: 100 x 215 cm
Graphic dimensions: 100 x 242 cm

Further information: Expolinc Rollup COMPACT

Roll-up displays are available in a variety of price categories and quality levels on the market today. This diversity often makes the selection difficult, as differences in quality can sometimes be hard to discern. Within this broad spectrum, the Expolinc Compact Roll-up undoubtedly holds an outstanding position and is considered one of the absolute premium roll-ups on the market. This is reflected in our confidence, as we offer a lifetime warranty on the cassette of this product. It is particularly suitable for demanding users who set high standards for quality and performance.

In addition to the already high-quality hard PVC material, we also offer the option to use the exclusive Ferrari-Decolit material for the covering. This combination of the high-quality cassette and premium Ferrari-Decolit material transforms the roll-up into an absolute high-end product. The Ferrari-Decolit material is characterized by its exquisite structure, razor-sharp print quality, and special material properties.

This ensures that the advertising subject remains beautifully flat and avoids the undesired curling effect at the edges, resulting in an aesthetically appealing and professional appearance. The unique nature of this material helps make the Expolinc Compact Roll-up not only visually impressive but also ensures long-lasting presentation without compromising on quality.

To easily set up the Expolinc Compact Roll-up, follow these steps:

Carefully remove the Expolinc Compact Roll-up and telescopic pole from the carrying bag.

Place the aluminum cassette on a stable surface and unfold the metal foot at the bottom of the cassette to create a solid base.

Connect the sections of the telescopic pole to form a long pole, then insert it into the designated small hole in the middle of the cassette.

Gently pull out the roll-up print from the bar protruding from the cassette to evenly unfold the graphic.

Securely attach the print to the head of the telescopic pole.

The final height of the roll-up can be conveniently adjusted using the telescopic pole. By extending or retracting the pole, you can effortlessly adjust it to your desired height.

Important: Please note that roll-ups are designed for indoor use and should not be exposed to direct wind conditions. Always place the roll-up in a protected location to ensure optimal stability and presentation.

We offer a lifetime warranty on the entire system, including its robust aluminum cassette, underscoring its reliability and durability.

The roll-up is made of high-quality aluminum with smooth curves and precise craftsmanship. Additionally, we offer an option to cover it with exclusive Ferrari-Decolit material. This material is known for its exquisite structure, razor-sharp print quality, and special material properties.

Yes, graphics are interchangeable. The roll-up allows for changing advertising subjects as needed. However, this process should be carried out by knowledgeable individuals.

Yes, with provided instructions, setting up this roll-up is straightforward. It only requires removing parts from the carrying bag, unfolding metal foot, connecting telescopic pole, and attaching graphics.

No, roll-ups are specifically designed for indoor use. They should not be exposed to direct wind conditions to ensure optimal stability and presentation.

The roll-up is available in widths of 85 cm and 100 cm to meet various presentation needs.

Certainly, we can provide spare parts for all our roll-up systems.

Yes, an extremely high-quality carrying bag is included in delivery.

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