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Beachflags & Advertising Flags: An Overview

Our diverse world of advertising flags: unmistakable symbols of timeless visual communication! Flags are more than just fabric in the wind – they are powerful ambassadors of a brand, an event, or an idea. In the midst of the digital era, they maintain their undeniable relevance and remain an essential tool for advertising and visibility. At our company, you will find a comprehensive selection of flags of the highest quality, as each of our products combines first-class design and precise craftsmanship. From beach flags proudly fluttering on beaches or in front of corporate buildings, to charming fluttering flags carrying their cheerful messages in the wind – our collection encompasses a wide range of advertising flags for every occasion and environment.

Flags serve as impressive landmarks in everyday life. Whether in front of shopping centers, government buildings, or at events – they attract attention and convey clear messages. They are the language of a brand that is understood without words. Our service goes beyond just selling: we understand the importance of tailored advice to find the right type of advertising flags for specific needs. Our team is here to provide you with expert knowledge to ensure that your flags achieve the desired impact. But that’s not all. Our after-sales service is a promise we keep. From the availability of spare parts to support with maintenance and care questions – we are always here to ensure that your flags can unfold their full splendor in the long term.

Trust in our years of experience and commitment to excellent quality. Discover with us the world of beach flags, advertising flags, and other types of flags that make your company, event, or project shine – because with us, every flag is a masterpiece of visibility and quality!

What types of advertising flags are there?

Advertising Flags/Hoist Flags/Flutter Flags

Advertising flags are an indispensable medium for representing companies in public. They convey messages that are recognizable from a distance, strengthen corporate identity, and contribute to image maintenance. These flags support product launches, increase product awareness, and put the company in the spotlight. They offer an ideal way to present your advertising messages effectively. Our advertising flags are available in various sizes – whether in various standard dimensions or as custom-made according to your individual preferences. Their outstanding quality and durability are impressive.

In today’s advertising landscape, advertising flags have become indispensable and will continue to represent many companies in public – whether in front of corporate buildings, shopping centers, or other prominent locations. Regardless of whether you need portrait or landscape format flags, with or without outrigger loops – we manufacture each advertising flag individually according to your specific customer requirements!

Ceiling Hangers/Hanging Flags/Ceiling Flags

The possibilities for using textile ceiling hangers are just as versatile as the numerous designs available. They are used as advertising ceiling suspensions in shopping centers, as indicators at trade shows and museums, or as attractive window displays. These printed hanging flags offer a clever and cost-effective way to present your message. There are almost no limits to the design. The indoor hanging flags can be either single-sided printed, with the motif appearing mirrored on the backside, or double-sided with a double-layered opaque barrier layer in between.

The side edges are standardly hemmed and sewn. The top and bottom edge can be provided with either a hollow seam or a welt. Optional welt rails or insertion rods can be ordered for optimal attachment.


Our collection of beach flag systems stands out for its outstanding quality and excellent workmanship. The poles are made of high-quality fiberglass that has been precisely processed to ensure longevity and stability. Each set comes standard with high-quality transport bags that not only facilitate transportation but also ensure safe storage.

Explore our beach flags available in three different sizes: S, M, and L. We also offer a variety of shapes including the elegant drop shape (Drop), the curved elongated shape (Shark), as well as the classic rectangular shape (Square). Our range offers suitable options for every taste.

For secure anchoring in different environments, we offer various high-quality ground fastenings including metal base plates, metal crosses, ground stakes, and snow stakes – all designed to ensure stability and reliability.

The flag fabrics of beach flags can be single-sided printed if needed, with the motif appearing mirrored on the backside or double-sided to allow individual design on both sides.

Our beach flags are not only known for their high quality but also for their durability. If any part should become damaged nevertheless, replacement parts are available or you can order new printed fabrics to meet your needs when changing motifs.

We not only value high-quality products but also offer comprehensive services to ensure that your beach flags always remain in top condition.

Inflatable Beach Flag StarX

The STARX Flag is a revolutionary beach flag design that stands out from the crowd and shines as an undisputed highlight at any event. Its uniqueness lies in the inflatable mast which can reach up to 8 meters high and surpasses conventional beach flags by far.

But what makes it special is the possibility to customize both the mast and flag individually offering a multitude of options for perfect representation of corporate identity.

The innovative idea behind the inflatable pneumatic mast is based on the concept of an air mattress. Once inflated it retains its impressive shape without requiring additional air supply.

The flag itself is attached to the pneumatic mast via an intelligent zipper system allowing for quick and cost-effective exchange of fabric banners.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Beachflags & Advertising Flags

We offer a wide selection of advertising flags including hoist flags, fluttering flags (knatterfahnen), beachflags in various sizes and shapes as well as ceiling hangers.

Advertising flags are versatile ambassadors for a brand supporting product launches as well as strengthening corporate identity.

You can choose between single-sided printed hanging banners with mirrored motifs on the backside or double-sided printed banners.

Our beachflags come in three different sizes (S,M,L) and shapes (drop shape (Drop), curved elongated shape (Shark), classic rectangular shape (Square)). We also offer various high-quality ground fastenings for different environments.

Our beachflags are known for their durability. If damage occurs nevertheless we offer replacement parts or new printed fabrics ensuring that your banners always remain in top condition.

The STARX Flag is a revolutionary beach flag design featuring an inflatable mast reaching up to 8 meters high offering countless options for perfect representation of corporate identity through customizable mast and flag designs based on an innovative concept resembling an air mattress once inflated retaining its impressive shape without requiring additional air supply while allowing quick exchangeability through an intelligent zipper system.

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