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Exhibition Counters & Advertising Counters Overview!

In today’s bustling world where first impressions count, advertising and promotional counters play a crucial role as the face of your company. Our wide range of counter models gives you the opportunity to present your brand in a unique way and communicate your message effectively.From different models, diverse functionalities to various sizes – we offer you the solution that fits your individual requirements.

Our advertising and exhibition counters not only stand out for their outstanding appearance, but also for their thoughtful construction and functionality. Each model has been carefully developed to meet your specific needs. From compact counters for smaller events to generous models for extensive presentations – you will find the ideal counter to spread your message.

High-quality exhibition counter with integrated LED lighting

A special highlight of our range is the advertising counter with integrated LED lighting. This innovation adds an extra dimension to your presentation by putting your brand in the right light and attracting attention. The combination of elegant design and modern technology ensures that your counter is guaranteed to be the center of attention at trade fairs, events or in sales rooms.

Not only the inner values count – the materials from which the printed surface is made also play a crucial role for the overall appearance. Especially when the trade fair counter is part of a comprehensive trade fair stand, it is of utmost importance that the materials are harmoniously coordinated. For example, if a trade fair back wall is equipped with a noble textile cover, your promotional counter should have a similar aesthetic. We offer special models with textile advertising surfaces to ensure that your overall appearance is uniform and coherent.

Each counter in our range has its own advantages and uses. We understand that different events bring different requirements. Our experienced experts will help you make the right choice to ensure that your promotional counter perfectly fits your occasion.

Overall, advertising and exhibition counters are not only functional tools, but also representative elements of your company. They embody your brand, communicate your values and attract the attention of potential customers. Invest in quality and diversity to ensure that your company is always presented at its best. Our wide range of counter models, functionalities and sizes, including models with integrated LED lighting and matching textile advertising surface, is available to you to realize your visions and put your company in the foreground.

Four different counter types are available

Pop-up exhibition counters with textile cover

The pop-up counters are the simplest models and are usually also the most cost-effective. The base is a scissor grid mechanism, which is simply pulled apart to form the counter shape. The printed textile subject is attached to the scissor grid frame using a Velcro fastener. The trade fair counter Pop up IMPRESS SHINE is even equipped with integrated LED lighting, which brings out the colors of the printed subject even more. As described above, care should be taken to use counters with textile covers with trade fair walls with textile covers. This ensures that the overall image is coherent and uniform.

Advertising counter with slat track

In addition to the classic pop-up counters, there are also counters that generate their stability by attaching a slat track. These systems consist of a base and a lid plate as well as the slat track. The No-Lite print track, which can be printed over the entire surface and thus determines the appearance of the counter, is attached to the slat track. This type of promotional counters are very resilient and are therefore well suited for presenting heavier products. It is also important here that the counter is used in combination with the matching trade fair wall – in this case the trade fair wall Pop up MAGNETIC.

Alu-Frame exhibition counter

The basis of these counters are aluminum profiles, which when correctly connected, form a stable frame. These trade fair counters are standardly equipped with an integrated OSRAM LED lighting, which optimally highlights the textile print attached by means of a rubber lip. The LEDUP-Counter, the COUNTER ONE, and the COUNTER MAX are among the Alu-Frame counters. These counters stand out for their outstanding quality and are high-end products in the field of portable trade fair systems. In addition, several of these counters can be connected to each other, which means that there are almost no limits to individual trade fair solutions.

Inflatable counters

Last but not least, there is the family of inflatable exhibition counters – also called pneumatic counters. These counters work similarly to the principle of an air mattress and remain dimensionally stable once they have been inflated. This type of advertising counters is characterized by its modern appearance and small packing size. As with all other counters described above, the printed subject can also be changed at any time here.

The right trade fair counter for every occasion

Our selection of exhibition counters is like a toolbox from which you can choose the right instrument for every occasion – be it an intimate event or a spectacular trade fair. Each counter is a canvas on which you can unfold your creative vision. The integration of LED lighting in selected models gives your presentation a modern shine and puts your message in the spotlight. Your brand literally shines and attracts attention – a testament to your striving for visual excellence.

Always think of the overall picture. The choice of materials and the harmonious design of the printed surfaces are essential, especially when the trade fair counter is part of a larger appearance. A carefully coordinated unity between different elements creates a coherent and impressive appearance. In today’s competitive business world, advertising and promotional counters are far more than just tools. They are your business card, your chance to stand out from the crowd and fascinate your audience.

Invest in quality, style and originality to ensure that your company leaves a lasting impression in every situation. Our experts are at your side to find the perfect exhibition counters for your individual requirements. Let your brand shine and create an unforgettable presence that achieves your goals and takes your company to the next level. Advertising and promotional counters are more than just pieces of furniture – they are your trademark for success.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Exhibition Counters & Advertising Counters

We roughly distinguish between 4 types of counters. Namely, pop-up counters with textile covering, counters with slat track, Alu-Frame counters with textile covering, and inflatable counters.

In addition to technical requirements such as load capacity and handling, one should always keep an eye on the surface material. If you use the exhibition counters together with an advertising wall, it is important that both print surfaces are made of similar material – for example, both with a textile surface.

No. Only Pop-up IMPRESS SHINE and the Alu-Frame counters are equipped with lighting.

Yes, all our exhibition counters can be quickly and cost-effectively equipped with new branding.

Yes, due to the high pressure in the air chambers, inflatable counters are just as load-bearing as other counters.

No. Pneumatic counters are airtight and work on the principle of an air mattress. Once inflated, they remain stable in shape for a long time.

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