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Exhibition Display Walls: An Overview

Mobile trade fair stands, especially trade fair walls, are indispensable elements for successful trade fair appearances nowadays. Prior information and planning are crucial, as they represent the flagship of a company or brand and should leave a lasting impression on the audience.

The possible uses of exhibition display products are extremely diverse. One of the most common uses is as a background wall at trade fairs of all sizes, whether at large international trade fairs or smaller regional events such as job fairs. Here, the trade fair wall acts as an eye-catcher and allows the attention of visitors to be directed specifically to the company or product. It can also be used as an interview wall or presentation wall to provide visitors to the stand with information or product presentations.

What should be considered before purchasing exhibition display walls?

Before deciding on a mobile trade fair wall, some important criteria should be taken into account. The handling and assembly should be simple and uncomplicated in order to save time and resources at the trade fair stand. A small packing size and easy transportability are also advantageous, as this facilitates assembly and dismantling and reduces transport costs.

The selection of exhibition display walls is large, and they vary in price ranges and sizes. There are trade fair walls that can cover a width of 2 meters up to 10 meters. In addition, there are matching promotion counters that complete the overall image of the trade fair stand and improve interaction with visitors. Another important aspect is the future viability of the trade fair stand. It is advisable to consider whether you want to expand the trade fair stand in the future to create a larger stand. Therefore, modular systems are advantageous, which allow for easy expansion.

When selecting the trade fair wall, the material of the printed surface should also be taken into account. There are textile prints and coverings made of PVC-like material. PVC surfaces reflect slightly more, textile surfaces usually appear rather matte. If counters are used, it is important that their surface is made of the same material to ensure a uniform appearance.

What types of trade fair walls are there?

There are actually a variety of mobile trade fair walls that offer different solutions depending on needs and budget. Here are some of the most common types:

Pop-up walls (scissor grid system)

Pop-up walls are probably the most well-known mobile trade fair walls. They consist of a scissor grid system that can be easily unfolded and folded up. The metal frames are covered with printed fabric panels that represent the actual graphic motif. Thanks to the simple construction and easy handling, pop-up walls can be set up quickly and are ideal for frequent changes of location. They are particularly suitable for small to medium-sized trade fair stands and can often be expanded modularly.

Zipper walls (system of plug-in frame with fabric cover)

Zipper walls use a system of plug-in pipes that are assembled into a stable frame. A printed fabric cover, which often functions like a cover with a zipper, is stretched over this frame. The result is a smooth and seamless surface that gives a high-quality appearance. Zipper walls are lightweight, easy to transport, and offer greater flexibility in terms of the size and design of the stand.

Walls made of aluminum profiles with fabric covering

This type of trade fair walls consists of a sturdy aluminum frame that is covered with printed fabric panels. The aluminum profiles provide high stability and allow for the use of larger trade fair walls. The fabric covering offers a smooth and elegant surface that ensures a professional presentation. A major advantage of these walls is the ability to expand them modularly, allowing the trade fair stand to be adjusted and enlarged as needed.

Advertising walls with LED lighting

Another interesting feature available in some exhibition display walls is LED backlighting. This option provides an additional way to effectively showcase the trade fair stand and attract attention. The LED backlighting can be placed behind the printed fabric panels or graphics, providing even illumination of the motif. This not only creates a stunning visual effect but also highlights the colors and details of the graphics, significantly improving the overall impression of the trade fair stand. LED backlighting is available for the Pop-up trade fair wall Impress as well as for our Alu-Frame trade fair systems.

General information about Alu-Frame exhibition display systems

Aluminum frame trade fair systems offer an attractive way to create impressive advertising walls and even expand the entire trade fair stand if needed. Thanks to their flexibility, easy handling, and high-quality appearance, they are extremely popular among companies that want to be present at trade fairs and events. These systems consist of high-quality aluminum profiles that can be easily interlocked and printed fabrics that are securely attached to the frame using special rubber lips.

A major advantage of aluminum frame trade fair systems lies in their modularity. The frames and fabric panels can be effortlessly expanded, replaced, or redesigned to meet the requirements of different events. This allows trade fair stands to be quickly adapted to new locations or trade fair concepts. In addition, aluminum frame trade fair systems are lightweight and easily transportable. The aluminum profiles are sturdy yet lightweight, making transport and storage easier. The fabric panels can be folded compactly without sacrificing quality or a wrinkle-free surface. Aluminum frame trade fair systems are available in a variety of sizes and variations to meet the different requirements and needs of companies.

A wide range of width options is available, from compact versions with a width of, for example, 85 cm, which can serve as an alternative to conventional roll-up displays, to impressive widths of 10 meters, which allow for a continuous motif without visible seams.


The BIG LEDUP is a high-quality Alu-Frame system with integrated LED lighting, also known as a Lightbox system. Lightbox systems are very popular, and for good reason. Whether in showrooms, at trade fairs or in shopping centers – thanks to their frameless look and the effective LED backlighting, they are far superior to conventional displays and presentation systems. The assembly is done in no time by simple plug connections, no additional tools are needed. The printed advertising subjects are attached to the frame with a rubber lip and can therefore be exchanged quickly, uncomplicatedly and inexpensively. The starter package allows an advertising space of 200 x 248 or 200 x 298 cm. But the special thing about BIG LEDUP is its modular expandability. With the expansion sets, the BIGLEDUP advertising wall can be expanded to a continuous advertising space of up to 1000 x 248 or 1000 x 298 cm. In addition, several exhibition display walls can be expanded as desired using system connectors (straight, 90°, T-shape, …) to design a complete trade fair stand. Integrated doors and matching counters with integrated lighting are also available. The starter package and the expansion sets are each delivered in robust hard-shell transport cases, which allows easy transport of the advertising wall.


The BIGUP differs from the BIG LEDUP by the absence of LED backlighting. Many manufacturers offer Alu-Frame trade fair systems in two variants – either with integrated LED backlighting or without lighting. The decision whether lighting is useful or not depends on various factors. If the trade fair stand or the trade fair wall is placed in a location with a lot of daylight, lighting may be less important, as the natural light provides sufficient brightness to make the advertising subject and the advertising message clearly visible. In environments with less light or in halls with limited natural light, however, integrated LED lighting can be extremely beneficial to effectively emphasize and highlight the advertising subject, so that it attracts the attention of visitors. The decision for integrated LED lighting ultimately depends on individual preferences and the specific circumstances and requirements.


The LEDUP display also belongs to the category of Lightbox systems and has integrated LED lighting. It is equipped with a slightly smaller profile depth and width of 85 and 100 cm and is often used as a stand-alone display similar to conventional roll-ups. However, several LEDUP displays can be connected to each other using plug-in clamps and system connectors to create longer straight or corner walls. Unlike the BIG LEDUP systems, the connected LEDUP display walls do not have a continuous graphic surface, but the individual elements are still recognizable. The LEDUP displays are either delivered in high-quality hard-shell transport trolleys or in slightly cheaper cardboard packaging.


The PICUP display is the unlit variant of the LEDUP display and has the same modular capabilities. PICUP and LEDUP are ideal as a high-quality replacement for roll-ups as display and notice areas at trade fairs, in showrooms or shopping centers.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Exhibition Display Walls

Yes. Pop-up systems are certainly the most well-known, but they are not the only systems. Trade fair walls with plug-in tube frames and fabric covers or aluminum frame systems with fabric covers are also very popular.

No. In addition to the printed magnetic tracks, we also have pop-up trade fair walls with textile coverings in our range.

The hard-shell transport trolley is very practical as it can also be used as a counter. If this is not needed, the advertising walls can also be ordered in a soft carrying bag.

Yes! We have the matching counter for almost all exhibition display walls. It should always be ensured that the printed subjects of the wall and counter are made of a material with similar properties.

The printed fabrics of the Zipper-Wall are very opaque. Therefore, you do not need to pay attention to light sources behind the advertising wall.

No. The Zipper presentation walls Curved and Straight have different frame dimensions.

Yes. Replacement prints are quickly and inexpensively available for all our exhibition display walls, whether pop-up, plug-in tube frame or aluminum frame.

Integrated LED lighting can be found in the “Trade Fair Wall Pop-up Impress Shine” as well as in the “BIGLEDUP Trade Fair Wall” and the “LEDUP Display”.

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