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The Roll Screen Classic represents top-tier quality among the roll-up displays in our wide range, gaining recognition for its outstanding functionality and sophisticated design. This exceptional product is specifically designed for easy and quick setup while also offering a premium ABS transport case that underscores its durability and reliability, making it a loyal companion for various events and occasions. The robust aluminum cassette withstands even the harshest conditions and ensures remarkable stability with its considerable width, without the need for additional fold-out feet. This construction is designed to withstand the demands of different environments while still providing an elegant presentation.
The included ABS transport cases are lightweight and serve as an ideal protective cover for the Roll Screen Classic. Their impact- and scratch-resistant surface reliably protects the system during transportation, providing users with peace of mind. Additionally, the Roll Screen Classic is available in a variety of widths, ranging from 85 cm to a generous 200 cm. This variability allows for choosing the appropriate format for presentations as needed. The option to change advertising subjects as required also contributes to the product’s flexibility and significantly extends its lifespan.

For discerning users who value the highest quality, the Roll Screen Classic is the ideal choice for presenting top-tier brands and products in the best light. Its thoughtful construction and versatility make it the perfect tool for an impressive and professional display.

  • High quality innerspring
  • Solid aluminum cassette
  • High stability
  • Robust ABS hardcase
  • Can be used for many years
  • Premium quality
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Scale of prices

Roll Screen 85

from 2 pcs.: € 240,-
from 5 pcs.: € 229,-

Roll Screen 100

from 2 pcs.: € 266,-
from 5 pcs.: € 255,-

Roll Screen 120

from 2 pcs.: € 306,-
from 5 pcs.: € 298,-

Roll Screen 150

from 2 pcs.: € 368,-
from 5 pcs.: € 362,-

Roll Screen 200

from 2 pcs.: € 452,-
from 5 pcs.: € 445,-


larger quantities on request!


Print Medium

Special film with barrier layer (B1 certified)


High quality aluminum housing with spring core


massive ABS hardcase


Halogen lamp

Scope of delivery

Roll Screen Classic
Digital printing
ABS hardcase


Roll Screen 85:

Visible size: 85 x 215 cm
Graphic dimensions: 85 x 230 cm

Roll Screen 100:

Visible size: 100 x 215 cm
Graphic dimensions: 100 x 230 cm

Roll Screen 120:

Visible size: 120 x 215 cm
Graphic dimensions: 120 x 230 cm

Roll Screen 150:

Visible size: 150 x 215 cm
Graphic dimensions: 150 x 230 cm

Roll Screen 200:

Visible size: 200 x 215 cm
Graphic dimensions: 200 x 230 cm

Further information

The Roll Screen Classic undoubtedly belongs to the absolute premium roll-ups, distinguished by its excellent craftsmanship, elegant design, and remarkable stability due to its wide cassette. These outstanding features alone set it apart in a crowded market for roll-ups. However, the quality of this product is complemented by the high-quality hard-shell transport case, which is considered unique in the roll-up industry. The exceptional quality of the Roll Screen Classic makes it a long-term companion. Its durability and resilience are undeniable, ensuring that it delivers impressive performance over years. These attributes are particularly invaluable in a time when logos or messages may change. The ability to exchange the subject as needed, whether due to a logo change or a new design, further underscores the flexibility of this product. It’s important to note that changing the graphic requires a certain level of expertise. Therefore, it is recommended that the replacement of advertising subjects be carried out by qualified professionals to ensure that the presentation remains flawless.

The variety of available widths of the Roll Screen Classic is another feature that meets the requirements of even the most demanding users. From narrower versions to wider formats, this range allows for choosing the optimal size for any presentation situation and providing a tailored experience. This comprehensive spectrum of widths makes the Roll Screen Classic an excellent choice for professional users who equally value quality, flexibility, and flawless presentation.

The Roll Screen Classic is specifically designed for easy and quick setup.

It features a robust aluminum cassette and high-quality spring core.

Yes, the product is available in various widths, from 85 cm to generous 200 cm.

It comes with a robust ABS transport case that is impact- and scratch-resistant, ensuring secure storage during transportation.

Yes, the construction and quality of the Roll Screen  make it durable and suitable for long-term use.

Yes, the product allows for easy replacement of advertising subjects, supporting its flexibility and long-term use.

Professional users who require high-quality, flexible, and flawless presentation are ideally suited for the Roll Screen Classic.

The replacement requires specific expertise; therefore, it is recommended that this be done by qualified professionals.

The robust aluminum cassette allows it to withstand harsh conditions without needing additional fold-out feet.

The product stands out in its class due to its wide cassette, material quality, and included high-quality hard-shell transport case.

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