LEDUP Lightbox Display

With LED backlighting and modularly expandable
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Lightbox systems, as the LEDUP Lightbox, have become an indispensable element in today’s world – and for good reason. Their presence is felt almost everywhere, whether it be in shop windows, at trade shows, or in shopping centers. This is not only due to their frameless design, but also to the background illumination using LEDs, which makes them significantly superior to conventional presentation systems and advertising boards. The assembly is extremely simple, as the aluminum profiles are connected with plug-in connections without the need for additional tools. This clever construction allows sharp advertising images to be attached on both sides of the aluminum frame with a rubber lip, enabling quick, uncomplicated, and cost-effective replacement.

In case a single LEDUP Lightbox display is not sufficient, there is the option to connect multiple displays to create an impressive backlit trade show wall. These can be arranged not only linearly but also in various formations such as L- or Y-shapes, serving not only as an effective presentation area but also as a stylish room divider.
Each LEDUP Lightbox is delivered as standard in an environmentally friendly cardboard packaging with a handle that provides a storage chamber for the fabric panels. Additionally, there is the option to optionally purchase an ABS transport case to securely transport the display. If background illumination using LEDs is not required, we offer the same system at a lower cost as the PICUP display.

  • Modern advertising media
  • Unmistakable appearance
  • Easy exchange of graphics
  • Any number of displays can be connected using system connectors
  • Creating a complete exhibition stand is child’s play
  • Problem-free assembly even for inexperienced people
  • Crease-resistant and opaque
  • Changeable subjects available
  • Lightbox display
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Scale of prices

LED UP Display 85x200

from 2 pcs.: € 509,-
from 5 pcs.: € 498,-

LED UP Display 100x200

from 2 pcs.: € 531,-
from 5 pcs.: € 518,-

LED UP Display 85x230

from 2 pcs.: € 623,-
from 5 pcs.: € 604,-

LED UP Display 100x230

from 2 pcs.: € 648,-
from 5 pcs.: € 628,-

LED UP Display 85x245

from 2 pcs.: € 632,-
from 5 pcs.: € 613,-

LED UP Display 100x245

from 2 pcs.: € 658,-
from 5 pcs.: € 639,-


larger quantities on request!



silver anodized aluminum profile, 80 mm installation depth with cast aluminum connectors


simple, tool-free assembly thanks to the innovative plug-in system


6 standard frame sizes - endless connection of several frames possible

Installation options

Using system connectors made of metal, L, U, T, cross & star shapes are possible


LEDUP display: LED lighting in the frame of contacts
PICUP display: the same frame as LEDUP, even without an LED module
OSRAM LED technology: homogeneous illumination on both sides thanks to the adapted lens shape


4c photorealistic


eco-friendly cardboard packaging with handle and storage for the fabric panels,alternatively
also available with ABS carrying case

Area of application


Scope of delivery

LEDUP Lightbox
2 printed display fabrics
eco-friendly cardboard packaging with handle

Further information

Our LED-backlit advertising displays LEDUP Lightbox, also known as Lightbox systems, represent the highest level of quality and stand for absolute high-end products. We offer systems that are unparalleled due to their outstanding craftsmanship and premium OSRAM LED lighting. Unlike many other offerings on the internet, which are often poorly made, we only offer top-quality systems. Our range includes various widths and heights tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Furthermore, we place great emphasis on our after-sales service by keeping all spare parts readily available in stock.

A special feature of our systems is the ability to connect individual elements to create larger walls. If you wish to expand these displays with other advertising media into a trade show booth, it is recommended to ensure that the systems have the same surfaces and harmonize with each other. Our LEDUP Lightbox perfectly complement our BIGLEDUP walls and matching counters. These products come from the same high-quality product family and thus create a cohesive overall image. The advertising prints are attached on both sides of the system, allowing the LEDUPS to be used as elegant room dividers or standalones.

LEDUP Lightboxes are ideal for advertisers who have the highest quality standards and do not want to compromise. They are particularly suitable for presenting high-value products and brands as they create a sophisticated and high-quality advertising environment.

When looking for a suitable location for our illuminated LEDUP Lightbox, it is crucial to find a flat and clean area indoors. The installation of the display is extremely straightforward: only the aluminum profiles need to be connected without requiring any tools. This simple plug-in connection creates the frame of the light display. Once the frame is assembled, the tension prints can be attached. For this purpose, simply insert the rubber lips of the print areas into the designated recesses on the frame. No additional wiring of the LED lighting is required. The cable of the advertising display only needs to be connected to a power outlet, and then the tension display starts to illuminate – a simple plug-and-play process.

It is important to note that our LEDUP Lightbox are designed exclusively for indoor use to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This allows for excellent presentation of your advertising messages indoors, whether in stores, exhibition spaces, or at trade shows where an appealing and effective advertising display is required.

LEDUP light displays offer a frameless appearance, high-quality LED backlighting, easy tool-free assembly, and the ability to attach advertising images on both sides with rubber lips onto an aluminum frame, enabling quick and cost-effective graphic replacement.

Yes, these displays are modularly expandable and can be connected to form larger backlit trade show walls, both linearly and in various formations such as L- or Y-shapes.

The assembly of LEDUP Lightboxes is extremely simple and does not require specialized knowledge. The aluminum profiles are connected using plug-in connections, and graphics are attached with rubber lips. The plug-and-play system requires no additional tools.

Yes, these displays are delivered as standard in an environmentally friendly cardboard packaging with a handle and storage chamber for fabric panels. An optional ABS transport case can also be purchased.

Yes, it is recommended to ensure that the systems have matching surfaces that complement each other. For example, LEDUP displays fit perfectly with BIGLEDUP walls and matching counters from the same product family to create a cohesive overall image.

Yes, these displays are specifically designed for indoor use to ensure optimal performance and longevity. They are ideal for use in stores, exhibition spaces or at indoor trade shows.

These displays are ideal for presenting high-quality and sophisticated advertising messages aimed at showcasing products and brands within an appealing and high-quality advertising environment.

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