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Pneu Flag - unique, high quality and extremely striking!
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In a world where beach flags and advertising banners are plentiful, the STARX Flag stands out as an undisputed unique and guaranteed highlight at any event. Its uniqueness lies not only in its inflatable mast, which reaches a breathtaking height of up to 8 meters and surpasses traditional beach flags. It is much more the possibility to customize this mast and the flag itself in individual designs that offers an almost limitless variety for the perfect representation of corporate identity (CI). The innovative concept of the Pneu Beachflag mast is based on the simple but effective principle of an air mattress. Once inflated, it maintains its impressive shape without any need for additional air supply. The flag itself is attached to the pneumatic flagpole with an intelligent zipper system. This well-thought-out technology allows for quick and uncomplicated exchange of flag fabrics at comparatively low costs.
To ensure stable positioning and optimal stability, STARX Flag offers a selection of different ground fixation options. From cross bases to special anchors for different surfaces, each option is designed to keep the banner in its upright splendor, no matter what challenges it faces at events. Like all our pneumatic and airtight products, STARX Flag stands out for its outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Every detail has been designed with utmost care and precision to ensure long-lasting, impressive advertising impact. From the durability of the material to the stability of the construction, every element is aimed at leaving an unforgettable visual impression.
In its combination of impressive height, diverse design options, and first-class quality, STARX Flag embodies more than just an advertising banner – it is the ultimate instrument to create a memorable presence and attract attention, whether at trade shows, events or other public places.

  • Developed and produced in the EU
  • no power connection necessary during operation
  • no noise generation
  • inflatable flagpole
  • Flag can be changed quickly with a zipper
  • Special cross base with rotator or special peg
  • Flag and mast tube can be printed
  • Pneumatic Feather Flag
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Specifications: Pneumatic Feather Flag - STARX Flag


High tech polyester with high density
Pressure relief valve in the mast
Colour Design:
Colour palette of 7 standard colours
on request: individual print on the mast


Reinforcement underneath the mast
flag can be changed with a zipper


Full-surface 4c digital printing on flag included in the price


Individually printed mast
Alternative printed flag
Electric pump 12V + 230V
Electric pump 12V
Electric pump 230V
Ground cross with rotator and weight bags
Hammer base with rotator
Drive-on base with rotator


from 3,8 to 8,0 meter

Scope of delivery

mast in standard colour
printed flag fabric with zip
Transport bag



Further information: Pneumatic Feather Flag - STARX Flag

Before you start setting up your inflatable beach flag, it is crucial to carefully inspect the location and ensure that it is suitable. Make sure that the inflatable flag is not placed near power lines to avoid any potential risks. It is even recommended to use a protective tarp to prevent rough dirt or possible damage to the advertising material, thus extending the lifespan of the flag. Once the ideal location has been chosen, carefully spread out the flag on the ground or protective tarp. Now, connect the air pump to the inflation valve of the flag. Before starting the air supply, it is essential to insert the provided metal tube into the loop at the bottom of the flag. Make sure that the open side of the tube protrudes from the flag. Gently fill the mast with air until it is fully inflated and has reached its final shape. Then, connect the flag fabric to the pneumatic flagpole using the zipper. Depending on the ground surface, mount the cross base or ground spike at the desired position to ensure solid stability. Afterward, raise and secure the pneumatic advertising flag using the rotator on the corresponding ground fixation. By careful alignment and fixing, it is possible to achieve a stable and eye-catching presentation. With this carefully planned setup, nothing stands in your way for a distinctive and impressive advertising appearance. A perfectly positioned and assembled beach flag will undoubtedly attract attention and effectively present your message.

ATTENTION: the STARX giant flag must be dismantled in stronger winds!

The height of the pneumatic STARX giant advertising flag varies depending on the model. The model names indicate the corresponding height. The available heights range from 3.8 meters to impressive 8 meters. This range of heights offers a versatile selection to choose the appropriate size according to specific requirements and visibility preferences at events or trade shows.

Absolutely. The inflatable STARX flags can be easily transported with a regular car. The packed size is approximately the size of a small travel bag, making transportation extremely convenient and easy. This flexibility allows for effortless transportation of the inflatable beach flags from one event location to another without significant logistical effort.

No, it does not. The STARX flag works on the proven principle of an air mattress. Once inflated, it retains its shape and stability without requiring additional air supply for an extended period. This not only provides high efficiency during setup but also ensures a long-lasting and reliable presentation of your advertising message without continuous attention to inflation.

Yes, that is possible. The flag fabric is attached to the inflatable flagpole using a convenient zipper system. This allows for easy and quick replacement of the flag material. In case of changes in the logo or advertising message, new flags can be reordered cost-effectively and time-efficiently to update the visual identity.

Absolutely. In addition to a variety of standard colors, it is also possible to implement individual designs and branding on the pneumatic air body of the inflatable beach flag. This option offers creative versatility to customize the inflatable advertising material according to specific brand guidelines and visual preferences.

Yes, that is easily possible. The inflatable flag can even be inflated within a short time using a hand pump. This flexibility proves to be extremely practical in situations where an electric air pump is not available or when a faster, manual setup is desired.

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