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Square, C-shape and Triangle - stable and extremely light!
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Our AIRMACHINE series presents inflatable exhibition counters that clearly stand out from conventional promotional counters with their futuristic design. The revolutionary design is highlighted by the unique internal construction – internal air bodies that function on the principle of an air mattress. Once inflated, these air bodies allow the counter to be completely independent of power sources. This not only means practical adaptability to any event location but also guarantees a silent presentation, without bulky frames and with an extremely compact packed size.
Choosing an inflatable exhibition counter not only offers freedom from external power sources but also enables noiseless operation. This is particularly advantageous in environments where a quiet atmosphere is required, while also providing practical mobility without the need for bulky frames. The special shape of the inflatable exhibition counter ensures optimal visibility of your individual advertising messages from every angle, effectively reaching your target audience.

The option of internal lighting is another strength of our products in the AIRMACHINE series. This feature allows you to perfectly showcase your message even in environments with suboptimal lighting conditions and draw attention to your brand.
In addition to the outstanding design and practical transport dimensions of these inflatable promotional counters, we also value sustainability. The graphics on the counters are attached with zippers, allowing for quick and cost-effective replacement if your logo or design changes. This flexibility allows you to update only the graphics or advertising messages without having to purchase an entirely new system. This not only contributes to cost efficiency but also reduces waste and resource consumption, aligning with our sustainability approach.

  • Highest quality materials and processing
  • Extravagant design and innovative technology
  • Advertising cover can be changed easily and inexpensively
  • Small pack size and weight
  • Setup without tools
  • Noiseless
  • Independent of electricity
  • Individual design
  • Pneumatic advertising product
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Specifications: Pneumatic Counters


Highest quality materials from the kite sport

Set up effort

1 person / <2 min


Included in the price, fully printed


LED lighting 230V
Electric pump
Printed Cover for exchange
Print on the plate

Scope of delivery

Printed cover
Transport bag

Dimensions: Pneumatic Counters

Height: 104,5 cm
Width: 78 cm
Depth: 78 cm
Weight: 12 kg

Height: 104,5 cm
Width: 150 cm
Depth: 57 cm
Weight: 18 kg

AIRMACHINE C-Shape mini:
Height: 104,5 cm
Width: 100 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Weight: 14 kg

Height: 104,5 cm
Width: 140 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Weight: 18 kg

AIRMACHINE Square mini:
Height: 104,5 cm
Width: 100 cm
Depth: 47 cm
Weight: 14 kg

Further information: Pneumatic Counters

Begin assembling your inflatable counter by gently removing it from the carrying bag and placing it in front of you on the floor. Now, open the zippers to access the inflation valves. This will allow you to connect the hose of your hand pump or electric pump to the inflation valve of the air body to start inflating. As you inflate the air body, make sure it is firm and evenly filled. One simple way to determine if the inflatable counter is fully inflated is to apply gentle pressure on the tabletop surface. Once the surface no longer gives and the advertising print appears wrinkle-free, the pneumatic counter is optimally inflated and ready for use.

When dismantling the inflatable counter, it is crucial to pack or store it exclusively in a dry state. This measure is essential to avoid mold formation and extend the lifespan of these promotional counters. By keeping the counter dry and clean, you not only ensure longer durability but also maintain a consistently high quality for future deployments of your advertising campaigns.

The inflatable counters complement perfectly with exhibition walls that have a textile covering. Models such as Pop up Tex, Pop up Impress, Pop up Impress Shine, Zipper presentation walls, as well as Aluframe exhibition walls BIGUP and BIGLEDUP harmonize perfectly with the surface texture of the advertising prints on the inflatable counters. This choice allows for seamless integration of the exhibition walls with the inflatable counters and creates a unified and professional appearance at events.

Matching the surface material between the exhibition wall and counter plays a crucial role in ensuring a harmonious overall look. In addition to technical requirements such as load capacity and user-friendliness, consistency in surface materials is essential. This matching allows the counter to blend seamlessly into the overall design rather than appearing as a separate element. This consistent visual presentation gives a professional look to the brand presence and emphasizes brand credibility and unity.

No, it does not. The inflatable counter works on the proven principle of an air mattress. Once inflated, it retains its shape and stability without requiring additional air supply for an extended period. This feature allows for efficient use without the need for continuous air supply.

No, the air pump is not included in the base price. However, an electric pump is available for an additional cost to facilitate the setup of the inflatable exhibition counter.

Yes, a full-color digital print is already included in the base price. This allows for individual customization of the counter with your logo, advertising messages, or graphics without any additional printing costs.

Yes, you can use the inflatable exhibition counter even in rainy conditions. However, it is important to pack it only when dry to avoid damage from moisture and ensure the longevity of the material.

The cleaning of the inflatable exhibition counter depends on the type of dirt. However, most dirt can be removed with water and a soft brush. Regular cleaning helps to keep the counter in optimal condition and extend its lifespan.

Yes, a carrying bag is already included in the delivery of the inflatable promotional counter. It facilitates transportation and storage of the counter while protecting it from damage.

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