Pneumatic Advertising Arch - Inflatable Arch

Once filled with air, the arch remains stable without noise and energy!
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The inflatable archway has undergone a remarkable evolution and is now available as an advanced pneumatic system. This innovative concept of the Pneu Archway relies entirely on pneumatics and operates completely without a continuous blower. Once inflated, the arch retains its shape stability for many hours without relying on continuous air supply. This feature allows the arch to be placed in remote locations far from any power sources. This freedom opens up a maximum of flexibility for various events.
The inflatable arch is not only perfect for running and cycling events, but also proves to be an impressive highlight at various types of events. Its imposing appearance attracts attention and gives every event a striking presence.

Thanks to the various available sizes, the archway can be precisely adapted for each area of application. Each individual inflatable archway is individually and tailor-made according to the specific ideas and requirements of the customer.The Pneumatic Advertising Arch is particularly convincing at evening and night events, as the optional internal lighting sets the advertising spaces in an impressive way and ensures an incomparable visual presence.
Another outstanding aspect is the flexibility of the system. The printed advertising space is completely exchangeable, which means that if changes such as a new logo occur, the entire system does not have to be replaced. In addition, it is possible to attach individual change banners with a practical Velcro fastener to the arch. These Velcro banners can be exchanged in no time at all, ensuring maximum adaptability and variability for various events. The Pneu Archway is made from high-quality materials and impresses with precise workmanship. In addition, it is produced within the EU, which guarantees highest standards in terms of quality and manufacturing guarantee.

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Small pack size
  • Airtight core with pressure relief valve
  • Can be used for many years
  • Eye-catcher of every event
  • Pneumatic advertising product
  • Unique price / performance ratio
  • Inflatable starting arch, finishing arch
  • Internal lighting possible
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Specifications: Pneumatic Advertising Arch

Material (Airtight core)

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU): high quality, kink and tear resistance


1 person / <3 min


Included in the price, fully printed


LED lighting 230V
Electric pump
Metal weight plate
Printed Cover for exchange

Scope of delivery

Inflatable Arch
Printed cover
Transport bag

Dimensions: Pneumatic Advertising Arch

Pneumatic Advertising Arch XS:
Width (outside): 250 cm
Height (outside): 283 cm
Diameter: 50 cm
Weight: ca. 31 kg

Pneumatic Advertising Arch S:
Width (outside): 400 cm
Height (outside): 283 cm
Diameter: 50 cm
Weight: ca. 33 kg

Pneumatic Advertising Arch M:
Width (outside): 760 cm
Height (outside): 538 cm
Diameter: 80 cm
Weight: ca. 43 kg

Pneumatic Advertising Arch L:
Width (outside): 960 cm
Height (outside): 538 cm
Diameter: 80 cm
Weight: ca. 48 kg

Pneumatic Advertising Arch XL:
Width (outside): 1200 cm
Height (outside): 558 cm
Diameter: 100 cm
Weight: ca. 66 kg

Further information: Inflatable Arch

Before setting up, ensure that the stand is level and clean. If necessary, use a tarp to avoid coarse dirt or damage to the starting arch. Place the two bases at the desired location at the appropriate distance (depending on the size of the arch). Open the zipper (s) of the inflatable arch, underneath is the air inlet and outlet valve (s) of the air body. Now connect the air inlet valve (s) to the hose of the air pump and inflate the air body to the full. Then you have to disconnect the hose of the air pump and close the valve (s) as well as the zipper (s) of the arch.

Basically, we offer the Pneumatic Advertising Arch in five different standard sizes that meet the requirements of many events. However, if larger quantities are needed or individual size adjustments are required, we can also offer tailor-made solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

No, once the archway is set up, it does not require a continuous blower. This means that the inflatable advertising arch can do without continuous power supply after setup, which significantly expands its application possibilities and allows flexible placement independent of a power source.

The two bases on the legs of the Pneu Advertising Arch ensure a solid base and stability. For outdoor use, we recommend optionally available metal plates that additionally weight down the bases and thus increase the stability of the arch in gusts of wind. In addition, the arch must be secured with guy ropes to ensure secure anchoring, especially under different weather conditions.

The inflatable archway can be set up by just two people within a few minutes. The uncomplicated assembly system allows for quick assembly, making smooth setup of the arch possible even at events with tight time windows.

Yes, included in the price is already a high-quality full-surface 4c digital print that allows you to design the entire arch according to individual wishes. This gives customers a maximum advertising space for presenting their brand or message.

Absolutely. A change subject can be purchased separately, allowing you to flexibly present different advertising messages without having to replace the entire arch. This is particularly practical when content or logos change.

Yes, an optional LED lighting can be integrated into both bases. This additional lighting option not only increases the visibility of the Pneumatic Advertising Arch, but also impressively stages it at night events, drawing increased attention to the advertising spaces.

Before storage, it is of utmost importance that the advertising media are completely dried. Moisture can cause damage that may be irreparable, such as mold formation. Furthermore, storage temperatures should not be permanently below freezing, as this could lead to a hardening of the materials used and could affect the durability of the advertising medium. Careful storage ensures the long-term quality and functionality of the advertising medium.

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