Pneumatic Advertising Arch - Inflatable Arch

Once filled with air, the arch remains stable without noise and energy!
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The now almost legendary, inflatable arch has developed further and is now available as a pneumatic system. This means that the Pneu arch works without a permanent fan. Once inflated, it is stable for many hours without additional air supply and can therefore be placed far away from any power source, which means maximum flexibility at your events. Each individual inflatable advertising arch is individually made according to the customer’s ideas. The Pneu arch from AIRMACHINE also convinces at evening and night events because the optional internal lighting can optimally showcase the advertising space.

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Small pack size
  • Airtight core with pressure relief valve
  • Can be used for many years
  • Eye-catcher of every event
  • Pneumatic advertising product
  • Unique price / performance ratio
  • Inflatable starting arch, finishing arch
  • Internal lighting possible
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Specifications: Pneumatic Advertising Arch

Material (Airtight core)

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU): high quality, kink and tear resistance


1 person / <3 min


Included in the price, fully printed


LED lighting 230V
Electric pump
Metal weight plate
Printed Cover for exchange

Scope of delivery

Pneumatic Advertising Arch
Printed cover
Transport bag

Dimensions: Pneumatic Advertising Arch

Pneumatic Advertising Arch S:
Width (outside): 400 cm
Height (outside): 283 cm
Diameter: 50 cm
Weight: ca. 33 kg

Pneumatic Advertising Arch M:
Width (outside): 760 cm
Height (outside): 538 cm
Diameter: 80 cm
Weight: ca. 43 kg

Pneumatic Advertising Arch L:
Width (outside): 960 cm
Height (outside): 538 cm
Diameter: 80 cm
Weight: ca. 48 kg

Pneumatic Advertising Arch XL:
Width (outside): 1200 cm
Height (outside): 558 cm
Diameter: 100 cm
Weight: ca. 66 kg

Further information: Pneumatic Advertising Arch

Before setting up, ensure that the stand is level and clean. If necessary, use a tarp to avoid coarse dirt or damage to the starting arch. Place the two bases at the desired location at the appropriate distance (depending on the size of the arch). Open the zipper (s) of the Pneu advertising arch, underneath is the air inlet and outlet valve (s) of the air body. Now connect the air inlet valve (s) to the hose of the air pump and inflate the air body to the full. Then you have to disconnect the hose of the air pump and close the valve (s) as well as the zipper (s) of the arch.

Is the Pneu arch only available in certain standard sizes?

There are basically 4 standard sizes – however, larger sizes can also be customized.


Does the Pneumatic arch have to be supplied with electricity all the time?

No, once the arch has been set up, it does not require a permanent fan.


How is the inflatable arch fixed?

The two bases on the legs ensure that the arch has a solid base. For outdoor use, however, the base of the Pneu advertising arch should be weighted down with metal plates (optionally available). In addition, the bow must be fixed with guy ropes.


How many people are required to set up the Pneu arch?

The inflatable arch can be set up by two people within a few minutes.


Can the advertising arch be completely printed?

Yes, the price already includes full 4c digital printing.


Is the advertising print interchangeable?

Yes. A change subject can be purchased separately.


Can you illuminate the Pneu arch?

Yes. An optional LED lighting can be integrated into the two bases.


How must inflatable / pneumatic advertising media be stored?

Inflatable advertising products must be dried before storage. Otherwise damage can occur which can no longer be repaired. (e.g. mold)

In addition, the temperatures during storage must not be permanently negative, as otherwise the materials used can become brittle.

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