Pneumatic Promotional Pillar Cuboid

Advertising column - simply striking!
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There is a remarkable variety of shapes for inflatable advertising displays. One exceptional option is the Airmachine Quick up Cuboid advertising column, which presents itself as a square, airtight advertising system. This advancement in inflatable advertising columns marks a turning point in advertising technology. With its unusual square shape and considerable height, the Quick up Cuboid immediately attracts attention. This innovative pneumatic system provides an optimal platform for your advertising messages and to highlight your company’s identity.
The advanced technology allows the pneumatic column to function without a continuous air supply. Once inflated, it maintains its shape stability for hours without constant air supply. This flexibility opens up the possibility of setting up the column in remote locations, regardless of power sources – an advantage for event organizers seeking freedom and flexibility. By eliminating a permanent blower, the column operates completely silently. This is particularly important for indoor events, as seamless integration without disruptive noise is ensured.

While the standard version of the inflatable advertising column is intended for indoor use, it can be retrofitted with a metal plate for outdoor events if needed. This ensures high stability even under unfavorable weather conditions. An additional advantage lies in the flexibility of the printed advertising surface, which can be easily separated from the air body and replaced with a new one. Companies can adjust their messages or advertising content as needed without having to replace the entire column.
The Airmachine Quick up Cuboid advertising column also offers a special appeal at evening and night events. An optional internal lighting highlights the advertising surface and gives the column a fascinating presence that attracts visitors even in darker environments. Available in various sizes, this column adapts to different requirements. Whether it’s a height of up to 5 meters or an edge length of 1 meter – organizers can create a striking presence that is unmistakable even in large indoor spaces or outdoors.

  • High quality materials and workmanship
  • Extremely effective in advertising due to its angular shape
  • Small pack size and weight
  • Lightning-fast assembly without tools
  • Advertising space can be changed quickly and inexpensively
  • Noiseless Independent of electricity
  • Pneumatic advertising medium
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Specifications: Pneumatic Promotional Pillar Cuboid

Material (Airtight core)

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU): high quality, kink and tear resistance


1 person / <3 min


Included in the price, fully printed


LED lighting 220V
Electric pump
Metal weight plate
Printed Cover for exchange

Scope of delivery

Quick up Cuboid
Printed, exchangable cover
Hand pump
Pegs and guy ropes

Dimensions: Pneumatic Promotional Pillar Cuboid

Pneumatic Promotional Pillar Cuboid 220/60:
Height: 220 cm
Width: 60 cm

Pneumatic Promotional Pillar Cuboid 280/60:
Height: 280 cm
Width: 60 cm

Pneumatic Promotional Pillar Cuboid 280/75:
Height: 280 cm
Width: 75 cm

Pneumatic Promotional Pillar Cuboid 350/75:
Height: 350 cm
Width: 75 cm

Pneumatic Promotional Pillar Cuboid 400/75:
Height: 400 cm
Width: 75 cm

Pneumatic Promotional Pillar Cuboid 500/100:
Height: 500 cm
Width: 100 cm

Further information: Pneumatic Promotional Pillar Cuboid

To assemble the airtight, square advertising column, start by carefully positioning the base at your desired location. Then, gently unzip the zipper of the light column to reveal the advertising surface. Next connect the air inlet valve the column to the hose of air pump to inflate the body slowly and evenly. The when the column unfolds and full size is always fascinating. Once the air body is sufficiently, carefully disconnect the hose the air pump from the system and close the valve to maintain the air pressure. At this point, it is advisable to check the tightness of the valve to ensure that the column retains its shape and stability. If you have chosen the optional LED lighting, it should be connected to power to illuminate the advertising surface optimally. When dismantling the column, it is crucial to pack and store it carefully only when it is dry. This minimizes the risk of moisture, preventing mold formation and significantly improving the lifespan and quality of the advertising display. Proper handling during assembly and disassembly is crucial to maintain the column in optimal condition and prepare it for future successful advertising campaigns.


No, similar to an air mattress, the square advertising column retains its shape after being inflated once, without continuous air supply. This feature ensures long-lasting stability without ongoing air supply.

The inflatable advertising column typically stands freely and does not require additional fixation in most cases. However, for outdoor use, especially in strong winds, an optional metal base plate can be installed to increase stability. Additionally, the column can be guyed as needed to provide additional stability.

Yes, the inflatable advertising column is rainproof. However, it is important to store it exclusively in a dry condition after use to avoid moisture damage and increase its lifespan.

The cleaning of the advertising column depends on the type of dirt or stains. In most cases, common dirt can be removed with water and a soft brush. Regular cleaning helps keep the advertising column in good condition.

Yes, the inflatable advertising column is available in various heights and edge lengths. Detailed size information can be found on the product page and upon request to choose the appropriate size for individual requirements.

The weight of the inflatable advertising column varies depending on size and optional steel plate at the base. Overall, it is lightweight and easy to transport, facilitating its mobility between locations.

Yes, it has a B1 fire safety certification, confirming its safety in use according to fire protection standards.

In principle, the column can be inflated with various pumps. However, due to its volume, an electric air pump is recommended to make the process more efficient.

Yes, similar to most advertising displays, it is possible to only replace the advertising design. This flexibility allows for adjustments to new company logos or current advertising messages without having to replace the entire system.

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