Pneumatic Advertising Tent - Inflatable Gazebo

Once filled with air, the tent remains stable without noise and energy!
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A pneumatic advertising tent or inflatable, airtight event tent is far more than just a simple tent – it embodies a fusion of advanced product design, functional versatility and a touch of lifestyle for extraordinary events. This inflatable event tent sets new standards and is ideal for increasing visibility and corporate image. Individually adaptable to your specific requirements, excellently designed for use both indoors and outdoors and even for quiet and exclusive separees – the pneumatic advertising tent leaves no limits to creativity for perfect events.
The curved roof construction of this inflatable event tent is not only an aesthetic highlight, but also guarantees maximum stability. The variable side walls offer ideal projection surfaces for individual logos, motifs and also for the presentation of image films. The modular system allows the inflatable advertising tents to be flexibly designed and expanded into tent cities using connecting elements – maximum flexibility is thus guaranteed. The tents are available in various standard sizes and can be supplemented with a variety of accessories such as sunshades or special lighting.

The air-filled support structure not only ensures maximum mobility and low weight, but also a compact packing size. Without rigid rods, the airtight promotional tent can be easily set up and taken down by one person in just a few minutes. From the color scheme of the roof to the details of the seams, each inflatable tent is individually made according to your ideas. The outstanding quality and workmanship of our pneumatic, airtight advertising media, especially our inflatable advertising tents, are a guarantee for demanding standards. Safety valves are standard in our inflatable event tents to prevent overfilling of the tent body. Each seam of the tent is provided with reinforced zigzag special stitches, which ensure extraordinary durability and robustness even under adverse weather conditions. In addition, all seams are welded from the inside to ensure perfect sealing. The connection of the 4 air chambers (one-pump system) ensures an even distribution of air and stability of the inflatable event tent. This innovative technology allows the tent to be inflated at just one leg, greatly simplifying handling and setup.

  • Highest quality materials from sailing
  • Perfect design and innovative technology
  • Modular system offers the greatest possible flexibility
  • Event tent, advertising tent, promotional tent, pneu gazebo
  • Low weight with a small pack size
  • Ready for use within minutes
  • Tested under extreme conditions
  • Individual branding
  • Pneumatic advertising product
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Specifications: Pneumatic Advertising Tent - Inflatable Gazebo


high quality materials from sailing sport

Set up effort

1 person / <10 min

Sidewall variants

closed side wall
Side wall with window
Side wall with panoramic window
Side wall with a door
Side wall mesh
Side wall with double-sided printing


Sun Shade
Tent connection (connecting tunnel between tents of the same or different sizes)
Battery pump
220V pump
LED interior lighting
Steel Weights
Sand bags


Individual printing of the roof, the side walls, the sun shade and the connecting tunnel possible

Scope of delivery

Pneu advertising tent with One Pump System and removable canopy
Transport bag
hand pump
pegs and guy ropes

Dimensions: Pneumatic Advertising Tent - Inflatable Gazebo

Pneumatic tent 3×3:
Dimensions: 3 x 3 m
Height: 2,4 m
Clearance height: 2,0 m
Weight: ca. 10 kg

Pneumatic tent 4×4:
Dimensions: 4 x 4 m
Height: 2,9 m
Clearance height: 2,1 m
Weight: ca. 15 kg

Pneumatic tent 5×5:
Dimensions: 5 x 5  m
Height: 3,3 m
Clearance height: 2,75 m
Weight: ca. 19 kg

Pneumatic tent 6×6:
Dimensions: 6 x 6 m
Height: 3,9 m
Clearance height: 3,1 m
Weight: ca. 30 kg

Further information: Pneumatic Advertising Tent - Inflatable Gazebo

Before setting up, ensure that the stand is level and clean. If necessary, use a tarpaulin to avoid coarser soiling on the Pneu advertising tent. Remove the inflatable advertising tent from the transport backpack and open it a little in the middle. Now unroll the continuous part of the support structure completely on both sides. Now close all exhaust valves. Now fill the inflatable advertising tent with an electric or hand pump through the inlet valve.

Make sure that the filling hose of the pump sits firmly on the inlet valve and is not twisted. The pneumatic air body of the inflatable advertising tent automatically takes on its final shape through the inflowing air. After a short time, the inflatable Pneu advertising tent begins to rise. The inflatable advertising tent is brought into its final shape by supporting lifting. Then (if available) the side walls and the sunshades can be zipped in with a zipper.

ATTENTION: Keep the inflatable advertising tent and its attachments away from sources of fire and heat. Please do not place any heating sources directly below the roof, the materials can melt at high temperatures. The inflatable Pneu advertising tent must not be used at wind speeds above 5 Beaufort (21 knots / 38 km / h).

Absolutely. The promotional tent is available in various sizes, starting from 3x3m, 4x4m, 5x5m up to 6x6m. In addition, you can connect as many inflatable advertising tents as you like via connecting tunnels to form a large tent city to flexibly adapt to your space requirements.

No, the inflatable tent works similarly to an air mattress. Once inflated, it retains its shape without additional air supply and does not require continuous air supply.

In principle yes, provided the connection fits. However, it is recommended to purchase suitable air pumps at the same time as the tent. Electric pumps are particularly recommended to speed up the process.

Sandbags or weight plates are used for fixation, which are attached to the legs of the tent. In addition, the tent can be secured to the ground with guy ropes and pegs for additional stability.

Yes, the inflatable tent is rainproof. However, it is important that it is packed dry into the transport bag to avoid mold formation and extend its lifespan.

Most dirt can be removed with a high-pressure cleaner and a soft brush. However, cleaning depends on the type of dirt.

The pneumatic advertising tent is lightweight compared to conventional tents and comes in a transport bag. It can easily be transported by any car.

Yes, all side walls can be fully printed on both inside and outside to best present your message.

Yes, in addition to various other accessory options, suitable lighting is also available for each tent to ensure optimal presentation of your brand or product.

We offer a variety of advertising media for the pneumatic tent system, all based on the same principle. These include inflatable counters, columns and giant flags. All these products belong to the same product family and can be inflated with the same pump. We are happy to put together an individual overall package for you to design your trade show equipment accordingly.

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