Pneumatic Light Balloon - AIRMACHINE Balloon

Elegant advertising medium - simply striking!
Pneu Leuchtballon Stihl

In a world where a variety of advertising mediums are available, the illuminated balloon stands out as an undisputed icon and guaranteed highlight at any event. Its outstanding uniqueness is evident not only in its appealing shape but also in the powerful integrated LED lighting that skillfully showcases your advertising message. The inflatable illuminated balloon is the optimal advertising medium for any event!
The printed PNEU balloons are simply unmissable, increasing the visibility of your corporate identity. With the built-in LED lighting, these balloons are particularly visible from a distance at evening and nighttime events. The Pneumatic Light Balloon consists of an inflatable TPU core known for its high wear resistance, bendability, and tear resistance. This core is complemented by a fully printed cover. The material processing meets our usual high-quality standards. For optimal stability, two different base options are available: a steel plate and a practical tripod.
This product places special emphasis on individuality and practicality. The printed designs can be quickly and cost-effectively replaced, meaning that when there are changes to the logo or design, an entirely new system does not need to be purchased – an approach in line with sustainability. The illuminated balloons are perfect team players and can seamlessly integrate into larger trade show booths or event settings. They create an impressive impact when used in combination with inflatable AIRMACHINE products, especially with the inflatable advertising tent.


  • Highest quality materials and processing
  • Extremely effective for advertising
  • Small pack size and weight
  • Lightning-quick assembly without tools
  • Advertising space can be changed quickly and inexpensively
  • Noiseless
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Pneumatic advertising media
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Specifications: Pneumatic Light Balloon - AIRMACHINE Balloon

Material (Airtight core)

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU): high wear, kink and tear resistance

Set up effort

1 person / <5min


included in the price, fully printed


Electric pump
Alternate subject

Scope of delivery

Pneumatic Light Balloon
LED lighting
printed subject

Dimensions: Pneumatic Light Balloon - AIRMACHINE Balloon

Pneumatic Light Balloon 1,3 m:
Diameter: 130 cm
Height mast: 230 cm

Pneumatic Light Balloon 1,6 m:
Diameter: 160 cm
Height mast: 230 cm

Further information: Pneumatic Light Balloon - AIRMACHINE Balloon

Please carefully select the area where you want to place the Pneumatic Light Balloon and check for any objects that could damage the materials or potentially pose a danger to your team or people nearby. Ensure that the chosen location is sufficiently large to allow for proper installation. If necessary, use a protective cover to shield the ground from dirt. Take out all elements and connect them in the following order: A – B – C – D. You can perform this process horizontally on the floor (taking care not to soil the fabric or press hard, heavy objects onto the inner inflatable bladder). However, vertical assembly is usually preferred. Note that step C – D should be done with the assistance of another person as the balloon combination with the plate can be quite heavy. Make sure that the (a) main valve / (b) pressure relief valve / (c) optional electric valve are in the correct position and tightly closed. Insert the end of the pump hose into the inflation valve and begin inflating (if necessary, use the adjustment connection (d) to fit the pump into the valve opening). As a final step, check the air pressure to ensure it does not exceed the specified limit, and then close the valve. With these steps completed, nothing stands in your way for a unique advertising appearance with the inflatable illuminated balloon. When dismantling, it is important to ensure that the balloon is packed or stored only when dry. This is crucial to avoid mold formation and ensure the longevity of your advertising medium.

The inflatable illuminated balloon is available in different sizes, specifically with a diameter of 1.3 meters and 1.6 meters.

Yes, to ensure optimal stability for the illuminated balloon, there are different options to choose from. There is a sturdy steel base as well as a practical tripod.

No, the Pneumatic Light Balloon operates on the principle of an air mattress. Once inflated, it retains its shape without requiring continuous air supply.

Yes, the illuminated balloon can be used in rainy conditions. However, it is important to pack it in the transport bag only when dry to maintain its quality.

Yes, the design of the illuminated balloon can be easily and cost-effectively replaced at any time. The inflatable core and base can still be used.

The advertising balloon can be inflated using either a hand pump or an electric pump. Once inflated, it does not require further air supply to maintain its shape.


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