Skydancer / Airdancer

Let’s dance!

Skydancers and airdancers not only impress because of their size, but also draw everyone’s attention with their sweeping movements. The entire surface can be individually printed and is therefore ideally suited for your advertising purposes. By using the highest quality light materials, there are almost no limits to the imagination when it comes to the individual design of the Sky Dancer. From a vague idea to a concrete draft, dieWerbearchitekten realize your ideas and guarantee maximum satisfaction with your Sky Dancer / Air Dancer.

  • Enormous advertising effectiveness
  • Skydancer, Airdancer
  • Customized shape
  • Individually manufactured and branded
  • Small pack size
  • One or two legs
  • Unique price / performance ratio
  • Skytube, airtube, air dancer
  • Inflatable advertising product
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Specifications: Skydancer / Airdancer


Ripstop nylon

Set up effort

1 person / <3 minutes


230 V High performance blower


full print included

Dimensions: Skydancer / Airdancer

Sky Dancer ONE
Version: Einbeinig
Height: 4 – 8 m

Sky Dancer TWO
Version: Zweibeinig
Height: 4 – 8 m

Further information: Skydancer / Airdancer

Setup instructions for Airdancer:

Before setting up, ensure that the stand is level and clean. If necessary, use a tarp to avoid coarse dirt on the Skydancer. Take the Air Dancer out of the stuff sack and spread it out completely. Then position the permanent blower at the desired location. Now connect the air dancer to the blower. After you connect the blower to the wall outlet, the air dancer starts dancing.

In the exciting world of advertising media, sky dancers, also known as air dancers, conquer the stage with their dynamic movements and impressive presence. However, due to the constant flow of air and the brisk movements of skydancers, product quality is an indispensable basis here in particular. With these products, careful processing is more important than ever.

Skydancer are not only eye-catchers, but also durable advertising media that have to face the stresses of wind and weather. Therefore, quality features such as robust materials and accurate seams are of the utmost importance. Every stitch, every hem counts when it comes to withstanding constant movement and the elements.

Skydancer: Quality and individuality!

We understand that your brand is unique and your advertising should reflect your identity. As a respected manufacturer of inflatable advertising media, we attach great importance to individuality. We respond to the corporate identity requirements of our customers and design skydancer that not only meet the highest quality standards, but also represent your unique brand image.

Our expertise extends from the finest craftsmanship to customization to meet your specific requirements. From the selection of materials to the implementation of your branding – with us your ideas become reality. You can rest assured that our skydancers are not only impressive in their movements, but also act as ambassadors for your brand, with quality and individuality in perfect harmony.

If you’re looking for skydancers that not only stand out, but are up to the challenges of the environment, we’re your choice. Together we create advertising media that combine both quality and individuality in a fascinating dance – because your brand deserves nothing less than the best.

Is the Airdancer only available in the specified standard sizes?

No. Like most of our products, the Airdancer is manufactured individually according to customer requirements. Almost all possible sizes can therefore be realized.


Does the Skydancer have to be continuously supplied with electricity?

Yes, the Skydancer must be connected to the 220V continuous blower during the entire period of use.


Do you need a high-voltage connection for the fan?

No, a normal 220V connection is sufficient for the permanent blower.


Can the Airdancer stand on two legs?

Yes. The Airdancer can also be produced with two legs. However, two blowers are also used here.


Can I print my advertising message on the Airdancer?

Yes, the Airdancer’s spinnaker material can be printed over the entire surface.


Can I use the Skydancer in the rain?

Yes, the Skydancer can also be used in rain and snow. However, it is important that it is only packed in the transport bag when dry.

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