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Inflatable figures & mascots - everything is possible!

Whether customized Inflatable Productss, company logos or mascots, customized inflatable products transform your idea into a unique advertising medium. The production can be done in almost any size, shape and color, so there are no limits to the imagination. Due to the wide variety of materials, special customer requests can be realized, making inflatable product replicas a unique eye-catcher at every event. From a vague idea to a concrete design, dieWerbearchitekten realize your ideas and guarantee maximum satisfaction with your inflatable special shapes.

  • creative advertising, inflatable displays
  • Almost all sizes and shapes possible
  • Individually manufactured and branded
  • High quality materials and workmanship
  • Inflatable figures and mascots
  • Small pack size
  • Top price / performance ratio
  • Inflatable advertising product
  • Customized Inflatable Products
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Inflatable product replicas are the eye-catcher at every event

Inflatable product replicas: from the Inflatable Banana to the Giant Dartboard

In the age of digitization, everything must happen faster, and markets are flooded with various advertisements, especially in the digital realm. That’s why, for this very reason, you should focus on live marketing, tangible and vibrant advertising. Purchase an inflatable replica of your product, magnified in size, and draw attention to your company. Trade shows and events are excellent locations to showcase your replica. It’s no coincidence that successful companies position themselves with their advertising message as inflatable advertising displays at soccer, skiing, or other sports events where an emotional connection is formed. An immense advantage of inflatable product replicas is their quick setup, large advertising space, and minimal storage requirements.

Practically any shape and size can be realized

Thanks to our experience and in-house production, we can replicate nearly all products. Whether inflatable bottles, fruits, cement bags, dartboards, dumplings, yetis, or chip bags—virtually any shape is feasible! Inflatable custom shapes are gaining popularity in the marketing industry. You can purchase your product in a gigantic size, with or without lighting. The blowers are integrated into the lower part of the customized inflatable products. The performance of the continuous blowers depends on the size of the products. The choice of material depends on the type of replicated product. For instance, if you’re buying an inflatable banana, we’ll use a coated polyester material with 220 g/m², as this allows for full-surface printing.

Whether digital 4C or sublimation printing – we have the optimal solution for your product. From idea to the finished customized inflatable product. It all starts with a conversation. After indicating which product is desired, we create 3D simulations, print data, and patterns. These are then fed into cutting and printing machines in the production process. The final touch is done by our tailoring department.

Subsequently, our customer can enjoy high-quality and unique inflatable product replicas!


Quality criteria of inflatable advertising media and product replicas: focus on value and customer service

In today’s dynamic business environment, visual stimuli and innovative marketing approaches play a central role. This is where inflatable advertising media and customized inflatable products come into play, which not only attract attention but can also clearly convey complex messages. In this growing diversity, however, the emphasis on quality is crucial – both in the products themselves and in customer service.

When it comes to inflatable signage, there are a few basic quality considerations that are key. The right material in connection with precise processing is the cornerstone for longevity and resilience. These factors help prevent leaks and tears, allowing the media to withstand varying weather conditions. Stability must not be neglected, especially when used outdoors or in unexpected weather conditions. At the same time, user safety plays a key role.

Inflatable product replicas: quality criteria

There are additional quality criteria for customized inflatable products. The level of detail is essential in order to achieve the most realistic depiction of the original product possible. A precise reproduction of form, color and texture is crucial here. When choosing the material, it is important to find the ideal compromise between authenticity and robustness. After all, the product should not only impress visually, but also haptically.

A significant difference emerges between products produced in the EU and cheap imports. EU standards set more stringent requirements for materials, workmanship and environmental impact. This not only leads to higher quality products, but also promotes long-term sustainability.

An often neglected but nevertheless essential aspect is the after-sale service. Even with the highest quality, unexpected problems can arise. A reliable contact person for repairs and maintenance plays a key role here. Good service not only increases the lifespan of the product, but also demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

In summary, the choice of quality inflatable signage and replica products is essential to create a lasting impact and ensure long-term investment. The emphasis on EU production guarantees quality and longevity as opposed to cheap imports. Considering a high quality after-sale service ensures that the product is always in the best condition and that optimal results are achieved.

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