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Nowadays, entertainment modules such as inflatable bouncers or a giant inflatable soccer field are an important part of event marketing and there is hardly a road show or event without them. With our fun & games attractions every event becomes an experience for young and old. Whether bouncers, soccer fields or bullriding, advertising messages are conveyed in a playful way, creating positive resonances. For distinctive advertising appearances, there is the possibility of realizing individual form ideas for children’s attractions. From a vague idea to a concrete design, die Werbearchitekten realize your ideas and guarantee maximum satisfaction with your children’s attractions.

  • Bouncer, inflatable Castle, bouncy Castle
  • XXL kickers, giant inflatable soccer fields
  • Bull riding, rodeo riding, bull riding
  • High level of user security
  • Can be used for many years
  • Individually manufactured and branded
  • All sizes and shapes possible
  • Inflatable advertising product
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Instead fo buying an jumping castle you prefer to rent someone? No problem, here you can find more information about renting an inflatable bouncer!

Scale of prices: Jumping castle / Inflatable Soccer field

Bouncer castle 4×5

from 2 pcs.: € 2190,-
from 3 pcs.: € 2090,-

Bouncer castle 5×6

from 2 pcs.: € 3290,-
from 3 pcs.: € 3190,-


larger quantities on request!

Specifications: Jumping castle / Inflatable Soccer field


680g/qm PVC material


230 V / external


Not included in the price

Additional equipment

Weight bags

Scope of delivery

Bouncer castle
Carry bag

Dimensions: Inflatable Bouncer / Inflatable Soccer field

Inflatable Bouncer 4×5
Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 3 m

Inflatable Bouncer 5×6
Dimensions: 5 x 6 x 4 m

Inflatable Bouncer / Inflatable Soccer field
Type of game as well as its shape and dimensions: according to customer requirements

Further information: Bouncer castle / Inflatable Soccer field

Make sure you have a suitable stand before setting up. Not every stand is ideal for a inflatable bouncer. The surface should be absolutely flat and not be provided with any pointed objects. Once the optimal location for the bouncer castle has been found, lay out a large tarpaulin. Use this tarpaulin to fully expand the bouncer. Then turn the inflatable castle to the desired position (the entrance to the bouncy castle should always be visible to adults). Now connect the air inlet hose to the external permanent blower and close all air outlet openings. As soon as the blower is connected to the socket, the bouncy castle begins to inflate. The blower must remain in operation continuously.

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