BIG LEDUP Backlit Display

With LED backlighting and modular expandable
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In today’s visual landscape, the fascinating lightbox systems are almost ubiquitous – and for good reason. The integrated LED lighting opens up new dimensions for the presentation of advertising motifs, which now shine in an unparalleled brilliance. It offers the optimal opportunity to present corporate identity in a new light, whether in showrooms, at trade fairs, or even in busy shopping centers. The frameless appearance surpasses conventional displays and presentation systems by far and gives the visual representation an innovative touch.
The heart of this outstanding presentation medium is the aluminum profiles that form a sturdy framework. Their assembly is effortlessly simple thanks to clever plug connections – without the need for additional tools. The OSRAM LED lamps are cleverly integrated into the profiles and are automatically powered once the profiles are connected. However, the outstanding feature remains the advertising motifs, which are printed with sharpness and captivation and can be attached to the frame using a clever rubber lip. The exchange of advertising content is effortless, uncomplicated, and cost-effective.

The starter package allows for a large-scale advertising presentation of 200 x 200/248/298 cm. But the true strength lies in the modular expandability of the BIG LEDUP Backlit Display. With expansion sets, it can be seamlessly expanded to up to 1000 x 200/248/298 cm, and multiple walls can be combined with various system connectors (straight, 90°, T-shape, etc.) to create a comprehensive trade fair booth. Even doors and bridges integrated into the trade fair booth pose no obstacle.

The well-thought-out transport solution ensures that both the starter package and expansion sets are delivered in robust ABS transport cases, ensuring effortless transportation of the advertising wall. It should be noted that the BIG LEDUP Backlit Displays with a width of 100 cm cannot be expanded into a wider continuously printed advertising wall. However, these 100 cm elements can either function independently as “standalones” or be cleverly integrated into a more extensive trade fair booth using connectors.
Our Alu-Frame BIG LEDUP systems undoubtedly set the benchmark in the field of portable trade fair systems in terms of design, aesthetics, and practicality. For those who prefer LED backlighting, we offer the same system as the BIG LEDUP advertising wall to meet the needs for an additional visual dimension.


  • Modern advertising media
  • Unmistakable appearance
  • Easy exchange of graphics
  • Maximum size per advertising wall 1000 cm
  • Any number of advertising walls can be connected using system connectors
  • Creating a complete exhibition stand is child’s play
  • Problem-free assembly even for inexperienced people
  • Particularly easy to transport in a high-quality ABS hard case
  • Crease-resistant and opaque
  • Changeable subjects available
  • Exhibition wall, advertising wall
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Specifications: BIG LEDUP Backlit Display


silver anodized aluminum profile, 120 mm installation depth with cast aluminum connectors


simple, tool-free assembly thanks to the innovative plug-in system


Starting with a start module, frames can be expanded up to a size of 1000 x 298 cm
Start module: 200 x 200/248/298 cm
Extension set A: 100 x 248 or 100 x 298 cm
Extension set B: 75 x 248 or 75 x 298 cm
Extension set C: 50 x 248 or 50 x 298 cm

Installation options

Using system connectors made of metal, L, U, T, cross & star shapes are possible


BIG LEDUP advertising wall: LED lighting in the frame of contacts
BIG UP advertising wall: the same frame as BIG LEDUP, even without an LED module
OSRAM LED technology: homogeneous illumination on both sides thanks to the adapted lens shape


4c photorealistic
on request also on the opinion


TV holder for monitors (up to 10 kg), VESA 200 and 400 as an accessory


The starter module and each extension set are all packed in their own ABS hard switch case with a soft foam insert for protection

Area of application


Scope of delivery

Aluminum frame system
Printed display fabric
Blockout fabric for backside
ABS hard shell transport case

Further informationen: BIG LEDUP Backlit Display

It is crucial to find a suitable location for your presentation system. A level and flat surface provide the foundation for a stable and secure setup. The provided assembly instructions serve as a reliable guide throughout the process. Each individual part is clearly numbered and has its designated place in the transport trolley, allowing for easy organization.

After opening the transport trolley, remove the stand feet of the BIG LEDUP Backlit Display. These can be easily attached to the bottom of the frame using wing screws, without the need for tools. The frame sides are then inserted into the bottom of the frame using an intelligent plug-in system. This process is repeated for the remaining side parts of the frame as well as the top frame, which are connected in a similar way.

Vertical and horizontal struts are added to further stabilize the frame and reinforce the overall structure. Once the frame is successfully assembled, attach the printed advertising surface to the frame using a keder rail. If you wish to integrate additional elements such as a TV holder or a door, separate and detailed assembly instructions are available that explain step by step how these elements can be correctly inserted.

When dismantling the system, it is important to properly place all parts back into their designated spots in the trolley. This not only ensures easy and efficient storage but also enables smooth reassembly for future use.

The BIG LEDUP Backlit Display is designed to be easily assembled even by less experienced builders. The construction is well thought out and user-friendly. A detailed assembly manual is provided, which explains the entire setup process step by step. This makes it easier for people who have no previous experience with such systems to set it up.

Yes, definitely! With the BIG LEDUP display wall, you will receive a high-quality ABS hardshell transport case. This case is specifically designed for the BIG LEDUP display wall. The precise numbering and allocation of all parts in the case ensure that each part has its designated place, so nothing gets lost. This not only facilitates transportation but also significantly simplifies setup and dismantling, as there is no time-consuming search for individual parts.

Absolutely! The flexibility of the BIG LEDUP display wall is evident in the ability to purchase and replace advertising prints with keder rails cost-effectively. If there are changes in design or your logo, the advertising prints can be easily replaced without having to replace the entire display wall.

Definitely! The BIG LEDUP display wall can not only act impressively as a single wall but also multiple walls can be combined into long walls or L- or U-shaped configurations. This modular system allows for flexible design of a complete trade fair stand according to your requirements and available space.

With the appropriate extensions, a BIG LEDUP wall can reach impressive dimensions. It is even possible to create a 10×3 meter wall with a continuous motif, allowing for an impressive presentation.

Yes, the BIG LEDUP walls are equipped with high-quality OSRAM LED lighting as standard, which brilliantly illuminates the advertising motifs. Alternatively, we also offer non-illuminated BIG UP systems if integrated lighting is not desired.

Yes, we have special counters in our range that not only visually but also technically perfectly complement the BIG LEDUP Backlit Display. These include the Counter ONE, Counter MAX, and LEDUP Counter, which provide a harmonious addition to the overall appearance of the trade fair stand.

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