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The stable and high-quality pop up textile folding fabric unfolds its full size within a few seconds, without the use of tools, and impresses with its striking long-distance effect at exhibitions, press events or other events. The high-quality lattice system is extremely robust and durable despite its low weight. The individually printed fabric covering is permanently attached to the aluminum folding frame with a Velcro frame on three sides, which makes it easy and quick to replace the textile graphics. Once assembled, the banner can remain on the frame.

It should be noted that various displays are offered on the market, which are made of unstable lattice systems and are equipped with inferior riveted joints. Our textile folding display, on the other hand, consists of a high-quality, solid scissor lattice system and completely screwed connections.

  • Easy exchange of graphics
  • Fast assembly even by inexperienced users
  • Washable banners if required
  • Fire protection certificate DIN 4102, flame retardant according to B1 standard
  • Low crease and opaque
  • High quality Velcro and Velcro tapes
  • Foldable textile billboard, foldable textile display
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Scale of prices: Pop up Display FABRIC

Pop up Display FABRIC 2×3

from 3 pcs.: € 326,-
from 5 pcs.: € 315,-

Pop up Display FABRIC 3×3

from 3 pcs.: € 396,-
from 5 pcs.: € 389,-

Pop up Display FABRIC 4×3

from 3 pcs.: € 465,-
from 5 pcs.: € 454,-

Pop up Display FABRIC 5×3

from 3 pcs.: € 537,-
from 5 pcs.: € 521,-


larger quantities on request!

Specifications: Pop up Display FABRIC


Aluminum grid system
Display fabric 210g / m²
B1 certified
washable, crease-resistant and opaque


included in the price


LED lighting
Halogen lighting
Additional printed fabric
Closed side parts

Scope of delivery



Aluminum grid system
Printed display fabric
Transport trolley

Dimensions: Pop up Display FABRIC

Pop up Display FABRIC 2×3
Visible dimensions: 151 x 224,5 x 30 cm
Graphic dimensions: 221 x 224,5 cm

Pop up Display FABRIC 3×3
Visible dimensions: 224 x 224,5 x 30 cm
Graphic dimensions: 294 x 224,5 cm

Pop up Display FABRIC 4×3
Visible dimensions: 297 x 224,5 x 30 cm
Graphic dimensions: 367 x 224,5 cm

Pop up Display FABRIC 5×3
Visible dimensions: 370 x 224,5 x 30 cm
Graphic dimensions: 440 x 224,5 cm

Further information: Pop up Display FABRIC

Open the transport trolley and remove the scissor lattice system. Unfold the scissor grid system completely on the floor and make sure that the white trim band is on the top. Now hook the textile advertising print onto the scissor grid as free of wrinkles as possible. Finally, the textile folding display can be erected and placed at the place of use. Please note that the Pop up textile folding wall is only designed for indoor use.

What distinguishes the pop-up textile folding display from exhibition walls from other manufacturers?

The pop-up textile folding display consists of a very high-quality powder-coated scissor lattice system, in which all connections are screwed and not riveted. Other manufacturers often use rivets, which can make the advertising wall very shaky.


Can the pop up fabric folding display be set up by a single person?

Yes, the construction of the textile folding wall is self-explanatory and can be done by one person without any problems.


Can I exchange the advertising print if, for example, my logo changes?

Yes. Replacement prints can be reproduced within a few days.


Is the lighting included in the set price?

Yes. The scope of delivery includes 2 halogen lamps.


Can you also use the pop-up textile folding display outdoors?

This textile folding display is designed for indoor use and should therefore only be used there.


Can I clean the textile printing of the pop up textile folding display?

Yes. The print can be machine washed at 30 degrees.


Is the textile advertising wall fire-resistant?

Yes, it is B1 fire protection certified.

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