Zipper Display Wall CURVED

Aesthetics in a perfection that has never been before!
Zipper Werbewand Curved Holzcluster

The development of our brand new Zipper CURVED presentation wall marks a remarkable progress in the field of sophisticated and versatile trade fair construction. This groundbreaking wall relies on a stable framework made of high-quality pipe system, which is covered by an elastic textile graphic to enable a modern and dynamic representation of advertising messages in contemporary design. The elements of the pipe system are made of anodized aluminum and equipped with safety clips. In addition, a central stabilizing bar integrated into the frame ensures maximum stability, guaranteeing a solid construction and secure presentation of your advertising. The curved design of the trade fair wall allows for complete elimination of additional stands, which not only emphasizes its aesthetics but also provides a smooth, low-to-the-ground appearance.
Included in the delivery is the entire system as standard in a transport trolley with wheels, which not only facilitates transportation but also enables easy handling on site. These elegant advertising walls are available in various sizes, which means that advertising spaces of considerable width can be set up and dismantled tool-free and seamlessly within minutes. This flexibility opens up numerous possibilities for various events and presentations. In addition, separately available replacement motifs can be attached to the pipe system of the Zipper CURVED advertising wall using a zipper, enabling cost-effective presentation of different advertising messages.

The option of double-sided printing also allows for the use of the Zipper presentation wall as a room divider, further emphasizing its versatility and functionality. To ensure a coherent presentation when combining the wall with other advertising materials such as a trade fair counter, it is crucial to pay attention to the surface texture and material of the printed motif. In our range, you will find numerous counter models with fabric covering that perfectly harmonize with the Zipper presentation wall and create a professional overall image.
It is important to note that there are many cheap trade fair walls of similar kind available on the market. However, these often have inferior quality as they are made of thin metal and are frequently delivered with a simple transport bag instead of a robust trolley with wheels. These differences emphasize the quality and well-thought-out construction of our Zipper CURVED presentation wall compared to other products on the market.

  • Modern advertising media
  • Unmistakable appearance
  • Easy exchange of graphics
  • High quality pole system
  • Fast assembly even for inexperienced people
  • Particularly easy to transport
  • Low crease and opaque
  • Exhibition display, advertising billboard
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Scale of prices: Zipper Display Wall CURVED

Zipper Wall CURVED 300 x 230 cm

from 3 pcs.: € 388,-
from 5 pcs.: € 381,-

Zipper Wall CURVED 400 x 230 cm

from 3 pcs.: € 478,-
from 5 pcs.: € 466,-

Zipper Wall CURVED 500 x 230 cm

from 3 pcs.: € 562,-
from 5 pcs.: € 545,-


Prices for double-sided print on request!
larger quantities on request!

Specifications: Zipper Display Wall CURVED


Aluminum tube system
Display fabric
crease-resistant, washable and opaque


4c sublimation printing (photorealistic)


LED lighting
Halogen lighting

Field of use


Scope of delivery

Aluminum tube system
Printed display fabric
Transport trolley

Further information: Zipper Display Wall CURVED

To ensure that your Zipper CURVED advertising wall is set up optimally, choosing the right location is crucial. A level and flat surface is the basic requirement for a stable construction. Start by gently opening the transport trolley and removing all the poles and the printed advertising graphic. Each pole is labeled with a number to facilitate matching and connection. Additionally, longer, multi-part poles are already connected with rubber bands to avoid potential errors in advance.

For assembling the frame, first connect all the multi-part poles into one continuous longer pole. Then, link the remaining poles according to their numbering: 1 with 1, 2 with 2, and so on. Once all the poles are connected, pull the advertising graphic over the frame and close it using the zipper to create a smooth and professional presentation surface.

Now it’s time to raise the Zipper CURVED advertising wall and, if necessary, attach the optional lighting at the top edge. This not only helps to present your advertising message more effectively but also creates an appealing visual presence at your trade fair booth.

A careful and precise assembly of your Zipper advertising wall guarantees not only a professional representation of your advertising message but also an impressive presence at trade fairs and events. This effectively showcases your brand or products and leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

Yes, the assembly is extremely easy as all the pipes are labeled with numbers. Simply connect them according to their numbering and place the textile print over them – and the wall is ready for use!

All counters with fabric motifs fit visually excellently with this trade fair wall. In our range, for example, this includes all Alu-Frame Counters, the Pop-up Tex Counter, or the Pop-up Impress Counter.

This coordination ensures a consistent representation of your brand and message, leaving a unified and professional impression at the trade fair.

Yes, a transport trolley with wheels is already included in the delivery.

Yes, replacement advertising prints with zippers are available separately.

No, unlike the Zipper Straight presentation wall, the curved variant is only available in a height of 230 cm.

Yes, optional halogen or LED spotlights can be attached to the top of the trade fair wall to present your advertising message optimally even in unfavorable lighting conditions.

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