Illuminated Pop up Display IMPRESS SHINE

Pop up Display with Backlighting - simply striking!
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The illuminated Pop up Display SHINE stands out for its remarkable robustness and top-notch craftsmanship, which effectively showcases your advertising message in an impressive way. Its foundation is built on a sturdy scissor grid system, reinforced by a precise metal frame for added stability. However, the centerpiece of this remarkable construction is the individually printed fabric cover, securely anchored in the frame and remaining flawlessly tensioned thanks to an innovative keder lip, without any wrinkles or irregularities.
The standout feature of this trade show wall is undoubtedly the integrated LED lighting, which allows for an impressive presentation of your advertising message through internal LED curtains. This feature adds extra brilliance and attention to your message. The Pop up IMPRESS SHINE trade show wall can be used not only as an imposing backdrop but also as an elegant room divider. The option to customize the backside adds additional flexibility and functionality to this versatile wall.

As standard, the Pop up IMPRESS SHINE trade show wall is delivered in a transport trolley, making it easy to handle and transport thanks to its practical wheels. To ensure a consistent brand presentation, we recommend coordinating the surface textures of your advertising media. Our trade show counter Pop-up-Impress SHINE complements this display perfectly, as it is also equipped with a keder fabric design and integrated lighting. This combination ensures consistent and aesthetically pleasing branding.
It is important to emphasize that there are many trade show walls with fabric covers on the market that are based on unstable scissor grid systems. In contrast, our IMPRESS SHINE trade show wall is made from high-quality materials, including a solid scissor grid system and premium keder rails. Quality and reliability are at the forefront of our product to provide you with a trade show wall that meets the highest standards of stability and presentation.


  • Brilliant colors thanks to LED backlighting
  • Easy exchange of graphics
  • Can also be used as a room divider
  • Additional printed banners if required
  • Low crease and opaque
  • Printing on the back is also possible
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Scale of prices: Illuminated Pop up Display IMPRESS SHINE


from 2 pcs.: € 1214,-
from 5 pcs.: € 1185,-


from 2 pcs.: € 1657,-
from 5 pcs.: € 1627,-


from 2 pcs.: € 2023,-
from 5 pcs.: € 1991,-


from 2 pcs.: € 2426,-
from 5 pcs.: € 2393,-


from 2 pcs.: € 2842,-
from 5 pcs.: € 2808,-


from 2 pcs.: € 1921,-
from 5 pcs.: € 1890,-


from 2 pcs.: € 2478,-
from 5 pcs.: € 2445,-


from 2 pcs.: € 3004,-
from 5 pcs.: € 2970,-

Specifications: Illuminated Pop up Display IMPRESS SHINE


Aluminum grid system
Metal frame
High quality display fabric: washable, low crease, opaque


included in the price


Alternate printed banner
Printed back

Field of use


Scope of delivery

Aluminum grid system + metal frame
Printed display fabric
LED backlight
Blockout material on the back
Transport bag

Dimensions: Illuminated Pop up Display IMPRESS SHINE

Visible dimensions: 151 x 224 x 36 cm

Visible dimensions: 224 x 224 x 36 cm

Visible dimensions: 298 x 224 x 36 cm

Visible dimensions: 371 x 224 x 36 cm

Visible dimensions: 444 x 224 x 36 cm

Visible dimensions: 224 x 298 x 36 cm

Visible dimensions: 298 x 298 x 36 cm

Visible dimensions: 371 x 298 x 36 cm

Further information: Illuminated Pop up Display IMPRESS SHINE

Choosing the optimal location for your trade show display is the first step towards a successful presentation. It is important to ensure that the floor surface is even and smooth to provide a stable foundation for the display. This not only ensures stability but also allows for an attractive presentation of your advertising message or brand.

Once you have found the suitable location, carefully open the transport trolley and remove the scissor grid system. Gently unfold it completely on the floor. Next, attach the keder profiles around the scissor grid system to form a closed frame. The printed fabric is then inserted into this frame, ensuring it is as wrinkle-free as possible. This step requires precision to achieve a smooth and professional appearance. Properly attaching the print allows for a clear and appealing presentation of your message.

Once the fabric print is securely attached to the scissor grid system, the Pop up Impress trade show wall can be set up. It unfolds into an impressive presentation area and can now be placed at the chosen location to attract visitors’ attention and effectively convey your content.

It is important to note that the Pop up Impress trade show wall is designed for indoor use only. Its high-quality construction and material make it an ideal choice for trade shows, exhibitions, or presentations in enclosed spaces.

By following these instructions, you ensure the performance and durability of your display.

The Pop up Impress Shine trade show wall stands out with its exclusive powder-coated scissor grid system, where all connections are screwed instead of riveted. Unlike many other providers that rely on riveted constructions, this high-quality design offers remarkable stability and durability for the advertising wall.

The exceptional stability of the Pop up Impress Shine trade show wall is the result of its high-quality scissor grid system, which is reinforced by the additional attached keder profiles. This combination ensures a robust construction and reliable presentation of your advertising message.

Seamless integration is best achieved when the existing designs are also printed on fabric. Uniform surfaces and materials create a harmonious overall image and ensure a consistent presentation. Special attention should also be given to lighting.

As part of the fabric-covered trade show wall family, the Pop up Impress Shine trade show wall harmonizes best with the Pop up Impress Shine counter in terms of structure and texture. The counter is also equipped with integrated LED lighting, which makes the advertising message appear bright and radiant. This combination creates a cohesive and appealing appearance.

Yes, the setup of this trade show wall is designed to be intuitive and can be easily done by one person.

Yes, replacement prints can be reproduced within a few days, allowing for easy updating of your design.

Yes, the LED curtains are included in the delivery.

A practical transport trolley is included in the standard delivery, making transportation easier with its wheels and simplifying handling.

The trade show wall is specifically designed for indoor use and should only be used there.

Yes, the print is machine washable at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, allowing for easy cleaning.

Yes, it is B1 fire protection certified, meeting the necessary safety standards.

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