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The Lamellar Counter SQUARE impresses not only with its stylish design but also with its uncomplicated assembly and well-thought-out construction. These features ensure a professional and individual appearance at trade shows, press events, and other occasions. The promotion counter has been specifically developed to meet the highest standards and to be versatile in its use. The set includes only a few but crucial components that allow for easy handling. These include a top plate, a bottom plate, a lamella strip, and an individually printed advertising surface. With the help of a Velcro fastener, the advertising surface can be easily attached to the system, allowing you to adapt the appearance of the counter to the requirements of your various events in no time.

The Lamellar Counter SQUARE also offers the option of inserting a shelf. Thanks to its clever shape with rounded corners, exceptional stability and high stability are achieved, even when the top plate is heavily loaded. This makes the counter ideal for presenting products or materials without having to worry about its stability. The option to exchange the individually printed advertising surface at any time gives the Lamella promotion counter a high degree of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. This allows you to effortlessly adapt your appearance to your current marketing goals and events without incurring high costs. This makes the promotion counter a smart and long-term valuable investment for your company.

The visual unity between the counter and the trade show wall is of utmost importance to ensure a cohesive and professional appearance. This promotion counter harmonizes ideally with the “Pop up Magnetic” trade show wall model as both are equipped with the same surface material. This is crucial for presenting a consistent and appealing image at your trade show booth.

  • Fast assembly even by inexperienced users
  • Compact transport size
  • Individual digital printing
  • Can be used for many years
  • Interchangeable banner optionally available
  • Promotion counter, advertising counter or exhibition counter
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Scale of prices: Lamellar Counter SQUARE

Lamellar Counter SQUARE

from 3 pcs.: € 251,-
from 5 pcs.: € 223,-


Larger quantities on request!

Specifications: Lamellar Counter SQUARE


Base and cover plate made of wood
Elastic lamellar membrane
No-Lite 250 mic


included in the price!


Change subject (change banner)
Insert bottom

Field of use


Scope of delivery

Base and cover plate
Lamellar Panel
Printed advertising space
Transport bag for wooden panels
Transport case for slat tracks and advertising space.

Dimensions: Lamellar Counter SQUARE

Lamellar Counter SQUARE:
Dimensions: 100 x 93 x 40 cm
Graphic size: 195 x 90 cm


Further information: Lamellar Counter

To set up your Lamellar Counter SQUARE optimally, please follow these steps. Start by carefully removing the bottom plate of the trade show counter from the carrying bag and place it on a flat surface. This forms the stable foundation for your presentation. Next, take out the printed advertising surface from the tube – this is the creatively designed highlight of your counter. Now comes the clever part: Use the Velcro fastener to attach the advertising surface around the wooden strip that surrounds the bottom plate. This not only adds an aesthetic touch to your booth but also ensures a secure connection between the advertising surface and the counter. Finally, to give your Lamella counter stability, take out the top plate from the carrying bag. This plate is gently and securely connected to the top of the advertising surface. This creates a sturdy structure that makes your counter resilient and stable – perfect for presenting your products or information. It is important to note that if you want to use the optional insert shelf, it should already be inserted into the Lamellar Counter SQUARE before placing the top plate on it. By carefully following these steps, you can ensure that your Lamella counter is ready to present your company or products in an appealing way. Follow these instructions to make the most out of your trade show appearance.

The rounded shape and solid bottom and top plates give the promotion counter exceptional stability, allowing it to be loaded with a considerable weight. However, it is difficult to provide a specific weight limit as it depends on the counter’s stable and level stand, which is crucial for its load-bearing capacity.

Yes, the advertising surface of the Lamellar Counter SQUARE is attached with a Velcro fastener and can be easily and cost-effectively replaced. This allows you to adapt your appearance to current marketing requirements at any time.

This trade show counter has been specifically designed for indoor use and should only be used there to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Yes, a carrying bag for the bottom and top plates as well as a tube for the printed advertising surface are included in the delivery.

Based on the system and surface characteristics, the “Pop up Magnetic” trade show wall model is particularly recommended. Both systems use the same surface material, allowing for a consistent and aesthetically appealing appearance at your trade show booth.

In addition to technical requirements such as load-bearing capacity and user-friendliness, selecting matching surface materials is crucial. Especially when using both a counter and a trade show wall, it is important to use consistent surface materials. For example, using textile materials on both surfaces is essential to create a cohesive appearance.

No, unfortunately not for this model. If you do not want a black counter top, you would have to switch to the Medium model.

Yes, the matching insert shelf can be ordered optionally to create additional storage space.

Light dirt can be best removed from the Lamellar Counter SQUARE with a damp cloth to maintain print quality.

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