Expolinc Fold out Counter

Foldable counter with pre-assembled flat keder graphic!
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Discover the Expolinc Fold out Counter – your revolutionary solution for impressive trade show appearances and effective promotions. This foldable advertising counter combines high-quality aluminum profiles with a sophisticated folding technique that not only ensures an appealing look but also provides unparalleled stability. However, the true highlight of this innovative product is its user-friendliness. Thanks to the unique design, the textile subject – your advertising message – remains permanently attached to the system.
This eliminates the need to reassemble the graphic for each use, making setup stress-free and easy. In addition, the Expolinc Fold out Counter features practical features that make it the perfect companion for any event. A spacious storage compartment provides plenty of space for flyers, brochures, and other equipment, so you always have everything you need at hand. Despite its robustness and functionality, the counter impresses with compact transport dimensions. When folded, it can be easily moved, supported by a high-quality transport trolley with wheels included in the delivery. This makes transportation and storage not only convenient but also extremely efficient.

With the Expolinc Fold out Counter, you are choosing an advertising counter that sets new standards in terms of quality, professionalism, and efficiency. It is the ideal choice for those looking to take their trade show appearance or promotion to the next level.

  • Robust construction made of high-quality aluminum profiles
  • Easy setup thanks to permanently attached graphic
  • Storage space for promotional materials and equipment
  • Compact transport dimensions and includes a high-quality trolley
  • Stability and elegance combined in an innovative design
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Scale of prices

Expolinc Fold out Counter

from 3 pcs.: € 634,-
from 5 pcs.: € 607,-


Larger quantities on request!



Aluminum Foldable Frame with Exceptional Stability
Smart Interior Shelf

Set up

Effortless Setup in Seconds,
Pre-Assembled Graphic Fixed to Frame with Flat Keder,
Graphic Remains on Frame When Disassembled


1045 x 1000 x 415 mm


16.2 kg


Printing Included

Printing dimensions

Front: 1000 x 985 + 20 mm Bleed
Sides: 335 x 985 + 20 mm Bleed

Further information

Promotion counters, often referred to as advertising counters, are an essential element at trade shows, exhibitions, and promotional events. They not only serve as practical meeting points for conversations and information exchange but also act as visual representations of companies, brands, and products. A carefully selected and designed promotion counter can significantly contribute to the success of a trade show appearance by conveying an inviting and professional impression. In the world of advertising counters, the Expolinc Fold out Counter stands out. Its high-quality construction and elegant design make it an excellent choice for companies that value professionalism and brand presence. With its robust build and clever folding technique that allows for quick setup and disassembly, this counter combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. The permanent attachment of the textile subject to the system is a standout feature that saves time and ensures that the advertising message is always perfectly presented.

When using promotion counters, it is essential to consider the overall setting at the trade show booth. The Expolinc Fold out Counter, equipped with a textile advertising surface, seamlessly integrates into environments where the advertising walls are also equipped with textile surfaces. This consistency in material and design creates a harmonious and professional overall image that attracts visitors’ attention and leaves a positive lasting impression. Therefore, choosing the right promotion counter should not only be based on functionality and design but also take into account the entire trade show booth design. A cohesive concept where all elements – from advertising walls to the counter – harmonize strengthens the brand message and enhances perceptions of a company’s professionalism and quality.

The Expolinc Fold out Counter is more than just an advertising counter; it is an investment in a company’s brand presence and image. With its high-quality construction, elegant design, and practical handling, it is the ideal choice for companies looking to present not only products but also an image of quality and professionalism at trade shows and promotional events.

The Expolinc Fold out Counter stands out for its high-quality construction, elegant design, and robust build. Particularly noteworthy is the clever folding technique for quick setup and disassembly, as well as the permanent attachment of the textile subject which simplifies handling and guarantees a consistently professional presentation of the advertising message.

This counter is ideal for trade shows, exhibitions, and promotional events where a professional and inviting booth is required. It serves as an effective meeting point for conversations, information exchange, and as a visual representation for brands and products.

Yes, the counter comes with a textile advertising surface that allows for individual designs and graphics to be applied. Replacement subjects can be reordered at any time and easily attached.

The counter is specifically designed for quick and easy setup and dismantling. With its folding technique and permanent graphic attachment to the system, assembly is straightforward without requiring additional tools or expertise.

The counter is constructed for compact dimensions during transportation. Additionally, it comes with a high-quality transport trolley that facilitates moving it to and from event locations.

It is advisable to use the counter in a setting that is harmoniously coordinated, especially when combined with advertising walls that are also equipped with textile surfaces. This creates a unified and professional appearance that reinforces the brand message.

Absolutely. The counter is more than just an advertising counter; it is an investment in your company’s brand presence and professional image. With its high-quality construction and appealing design, it is an ideal choice for companies that value quality and professionalism.

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