Backlit Counter ONE

With LED backlighting and modular expandable!
Beleuchtete Messetheke - Counter ONE

The basis for this impressive Counter ONE is made of high-quality aluminum profiles that are interlocked to create an extremely stable frame. This sophisticated construction gives the exhibition counter its impressive robustness and durability. But that’s not all.
The exhibition counter sets new standards by being equipped as standard with integrated OSRAM LED lighting, which makes the fabric print shine in full glory using a smooth rubber lip. This innovative approach gives your presentation an additional dimension, perfectly showcasing your brand and attracting attention. The combination of refined design and state-of-the-art technology ensures that your counter will undoubtedly be the center of attention at trade shows, events, or in retail spaces.

However, the counter is not only distinguished by its visual excellence. It is a true high-end product in the field of portable exhibition systems. This unparalleled quality is also evident in the intelligent design of the transport trolley. The counter is delivered as standard in a durable hard-shell trolley lined with high-quality foam on the inside. This well-thought-out solution not only ensures safe transport but also protects the counter from damage.
However, the exhibition counter impresses not only with its external appearance and quality but also with its practicality. Inside the counter, there is a spacious storage compartment that can optionally be equipped with a door secured by fingerprint technology. This not only provides additional storage space but also ensures the security of your valuable exhibition items.

Furthermore, the Counter ONE stands out for its flexible connectivity. Multiple counters can be connected to each other, offering almost unlimited possibilities for individual exhibition solutions. Your creativity knows no bounds when it comes to how you can use this versatile counter to present your brand and attract attention.

  • Modern advertising media
  • Unmistakable appearance
  • Easy exchange of graphics
  • Any number of advertising counters can be connected using system connectors
  • Problem-free assembly even for inexperienced people
  • Particularly easy to transport in a high-quality ABS hard case
  • Wrinkle resistant and opaque
  • Change subjects available
  • Exhibition counter, advertising counter, promotion counter
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Scale of prices: Backlit Counter ONE

Backlit Counter ONE

from 2 pcs.: € 914,-
from 5 pcs.: € 866,-


Larger quantities on request!

Specifications: Backlit Counter ONE

Size including feet

100 x 101,5 x 48 cm (W x H x D)


silver anodized aluminum profiles, 120 mm installation depth with cast aluminum connectors

Set up

easy installation through plug & play


homogeneous illumination thanks to high quality OSRAM LED technology with specially adapted lens shape,
integrated in the frame system

Counter top

black table top and shelf


approx. 30 kg

Area of use


Scope of delivery

Aluminum frame system
ABS hard shell transport case
printed fabric

Futher information: Backlit Counter ONE

When setting up the counter, it is important to choose a suitable location and ensure that the floor space is as level as possible. Once you have opened the transport trolley, you can start assembling the counter. First, remove the lower aluminum profile, which, together with the side and top profiles, forms a stable square frame. This frame forms the basic structure of your counter. Next, attach the white blockout material to the back of the frame, securing it within the frame using a rubber lip. Then, create two smaller rectangular frames from the profiles. These smaller frames are then connected to the large frame without tools using wing screws through the white blockout, ensuring the stability of the counter.

In another step, place the insert floor into the designated hooks inside the counter. Then, place the tabletop on top of the counter, which self-fixes thanks to magnets. This allows for quick and uncomplicated assembly. Before reattaching the printed subject to the front of the counter using the rubber lip, you should connect the LED lighting. By following these steps during assembly, setting up the counter becomes child’s play and is done in no time. This allows you to focus entirely on your presentation and ensure that your counter is perfectly prepared for your appearance.

Based on the system and surface characteristics, the BIGUP and BIGLEDUP exhibition walls are recommended as they belong to the same product family. The printing for these two systems is done on the same material, allowing for a coherent visual representation. By using identical or coordinated surface materials, the exhibition appearance is not only more professional but also aesthetically appealing.

Apart from technical requirements such as load-bearing capacity and user-friendliness, careful selection of surface materials is of great importance. This is especially true when the counter is used in combination with an advertising wall. In this case, consistency of surface materials is crucial. For example, it is essential to use textile materials on both printing surfaces. This coordination ensures a coherent representation of your brand and message, contributing to leaving a consistent and professional impression at the trade show.

Yes. The assembly of the Counter ONE can be easily done by unskilled individuals.

Yes. An ABS hard-shell transport case is included in the delivery.

Yes. Advertising prints with keder lip can be purchased individually at low cost.

Yes! Multiple Counter ONEs can be connected together using system connectors to create a large counter.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a general weight-bearing capacity specification. It is important that the counter has a stable stand on a level surface.

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