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The Promotion Counter Pop up IMPRESS is not only remarkably high-quality and stable, but it also offers a range of practical and versatile features that make it the ideal choice for your trade show appearance. This counter stands out for its quick and uncomplicated setup. In just a few seconds, without the need for tools, it can be unfolded to its full size, saving valuable time during trade show preparation. An essential part of the stability and durability of this counter is the scissor grid system. Despite its lightweight, it is extremely robust and resistant. The addition of aluminum keder rails further reinforces the construction, meaning you don’t have to worry about potential instability.
The individually printed fabric covering is attached to the aluminum folding frame using a rubber lip. This intelligent attachment system allows for easy and fast exchange of the textile graphic. You can easily customize your counter to different trade show events and brand messages without incurring high costs for replacing the entire counter. Additionally, an optional printed backside of the counter is available, making it even easier to adapt the counter design to your corporate identity (CI). This ensures that your trade show appearance looks consistent and professional.

The interior of the counter is as well thought-out as the exterior construction. A sturdy insert compartment provides ample space to securely and neatly store products and trade show accessories. This ensures that your booth looks tidy and inviting, allowing for smooth interaction with trade show visitors. For convenient transport and space-saving storage, the counter comes standard with a transport trolley. This trolley greatly facilitates the transportation of your counter and ensures that it is well-protected and easily accessible when not in use.
If you desire an even more eye-catching trade show appearance, the Promotion Counter Pop up IMPRESS can be enhanced with LED backlighting. This extension, which brilliantly illuminates the colors of the fabric covering, is available under the product name Pop up IMPRESS SHINE.

It should be noted that there are various trade show counters with fabric coverings on the market that are made from unstable scissor grid systems. In contrast, our IMPRESS counter is made from a high-quality, solid scissor grid system and premium keder rails.


  • Easy exchange of graphics
  • Fast assembly even by inexperienced users
  • Washable banners
  • Low crease and opaque
  • Change subjects available
  • Practical transport trolley
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Scale of prices: Promotion Counter Pop up IMPRESS

Promotion Counter Pop up IMPRESS

from 3 pcs.: € 335,-
from 5 pcs.: € 326,-


Larger quantities on request!

Specifications: Promotion Counter Pop up IMPRESS


Aluminum grid system
Metal frame
High quality display fabric: washable, low crease, opaque


104 x 104 x 40 cm


included in the price

Size (printed Banner)

170 x 103 cm

Field of use


Scope of delivery

Aluminum grid system + metal frame
Printed display fabric
Transport bag

Further information: Promotion Counter Pop up IMPRESS

Position the transport trolley in the desired location, ensuring a flat and straight surface. Open the transport bag and remove the scissor grid system. Fully unfold the scissor grid system of the trade show counter and then attach the metal connecting bars to the unfolded scissor grid. If you have the optional LED backlighting, hang the individual LED curtains from top to bottom on the scissor grid. Next, connect the cables of the LED curtains to the supplied transformer. Additionally, secure the insert shelf inside the counter. In the next step, press the keder lips of the fabric advertising print into the designated openings on the frame. Finally, attach the counter top onto the counter. Please note that the Pop up Impress trade show counter is designed for indoor use only.

Apart from technical requirements such as load capacity and user-friendliness, it is of great importance to carefully select the surface material. Especially when the counter is used together with a promotional wall, consistency in surface materials should be considered. For example, it is crucial to use textile materials on both printing surfaces.

Based on the system and surface texture, the Pop up Impress folding display is recommended.

No, this counter only comes with a black countertop.

The fabric print is attached to the frame using a keder rail and keder lip.

Yes, a new fabric in a new design can be produced quickly and cost-effectively at any time. It can be easily mounted again using the keder lip.

No, since a keder frame strengthens the scissor grid system, the counter is extremely robust.

A practical transport trolley is included in the standard delivery. Equipped with wheels, it greatly facilitates transportation.

Not really. This counter is designed for indoor use.

Yes, the print has a B1 certification for fire retardancy.

Yes, it can be machine washed at 30 degrees Celsius.

This cannot be answered universally. It is important that the counter always has a good and straight stance and does not appear warped. It is best to evenly distribute heavy objects across the entire tabletop.

Yes, the assembly is self-explanatory and can be easily done by one person without any problems.

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