Digital Signage: Digital Podium Display with Full HD LCD Screen
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The digital podium display DIGI UP Desk that we offer in our digital signage product family represents a compact innovation amidst the current era of digitalization, which brings about a significant transformation of the advertising landscape. These changes particularly affect the way certain goods and brands are advertised. In its handy format, this display provides a targeted platform for delivering tailored information about specific products. Its applications span various areas, whether in retail, tobacco shops and kiosks, or as an attractive incentive at snack stands. By using moving images, creative videos, and attractively designed clips, companies reach their customers more effectively and create greater awareness for their advertising messages.

Compared to traditional DIN A4 stands, the digital podium display can undoubtedly compete and offers a more far-reaching impact. Similar to the larger DIGI UP systems, the desk version also impresses with its elegant design and remarkable versatility. Content can be uploaded not only via a simple USB stick but can also be comfortably and centrally controlled. This significantly reduces labor effort while simultaneously allowing for greater flexibility in content adjustment. Should there be no WLAN or LAN connection available, an integrated 4G module can be used to ensure a constant and smooth data connection. Additionally, the Desk DIGI UP can also be operated using a battery.

The DIGI UP Desk is delivered fully assembled – no tedious assembly required. Simply unpack it and it’s ready to use!

  • High-quality 15.6-inch Full HD display
  • Slim metal housing
  • Location-independent application
  • Optimal for product and brand presentation
  • Digital POS tool
  • Integrated media player
  • Central content management
  • Easy operability
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Specifications: Digital Signage


Screen diagonal: 15.6 inches
Dimensions set up: W 217 x H 377 x D 150 mm / D screen 15mm


1.9 kg


Galvanized steel sheet powder-coated
White or Black
Custom colors available for larger quantities

Application Area


Technical Data

Resolution: FullHD 1080 x 1920
Display type: LCD
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Response time: 8 ms
Panel Technology: IPS / Non-Touch
Media Player: Android 11 RK3568 / optional LINUX
Internal memory: 4GB / 32GB
Supported formats: JPEG (recommended) / BMP / JPEG / MP4 (recommended) / AVI / MPEG / WMW / MP3
Connections: 2x USB
Speakers: 2x 3 Watt
Power consumption: 20 Watt

Optional Accessories

Content Management System
Internal SIM card module
External battery

Further information: Digital Signage

The DIGI UP Desk (Digital Signage) represents a versatile solution for displaying digital content across a wide range of application areas. Its spectrum of use extends from presenting advertising materials, information, and entertainment offerings to serving as menu displays or information sources on sales tables.

Thanks to its adaptability, this display offers a cost-efficient way to digitally present a variety of contents.

Content for the DIGI UP Desk can be inserted in two different ways, similar to the floor-standing variants: either via a simple USB stick or through a user-friendly online content management system.

These options ensure uncomplicated handling and enable quick and effective updating and adjustment of content as needed.

User-friendly USB software allows for playback of images, videos, audio, and text documents on the DIGI UP Desk. A specially coded USB stick ensures that only authorized content can be played on the media player, minimizing the risk of unwanted content by unauthorized persons.

The content is securely stored on the media player allowing worry-free removal of the USB stick after transfer so there is no risk of loss or theft.

The order of contents can be conveniently set on a PC allowing easy and flexible organization.

Using this solution requires one-time costs without hidden fees or regular expenses.

Our Digital Signage software for the DIGI UP Desk enables effortless and intuitive management of your screens from anywhere. Data transmission is secure and protected with password protection for administrative access as standard.

No local server resources are required as data is securely stored in the cloud.

You have the option to plan sequences in advance including their duration as well as start and end times of presentations.

Our support team is available around the clock via email to assist with any concerns.

Additionally, DIGIUP Desk is equipped with remote maintenance software that allows us to provide technical support from afar.

If you have questions or need assistance we’re just one click away ready to help quickly and efficiently.

The advantages and features of our software include among others:

  • A unified modern user interface for easy intuitive operation.
  • Central management of multiple displays and contents from various locations.
  • Compatibility with a variety of hardware devices regardless of screen sizes and formats.
  • Creation of individual schedules for contents per channel.
  • Comprehensive user management with different levels and permissions.
  • Centralized control over all contents and management of screen groups with different contents on various displays simultaneously.
  • Remote control over screens via server access with user-friendly administration through web access.

DIGI UP tabletop displays offer comprehensive possibilities to efficiently manage digital content – regardless of your location or number of screens used.

The display can be used in retail tobacco shops kiosks snack stands etc., to showcase advertising materials information entertainment offerings product branding presentations as well as serve as a digital POS tool.

Content can be inserted via USB stick or through an online content management system both options allow uncomplicated updating adjusting content according needs.

The screen has a diagonal size of 15.6 inches Full HD resolution at 1080 x1920 an LCD panel with aspect ratio16:9 response time8ms internal storage4GB/32GB supports formats like JPEG BMP MP4 AVI MPEG WMW MP3.

User-friendly software enables playback images videos audio text documents specially coded USB stick ensures only authorized contents played.

System allows central management multiple displays contents from various locations supports creation individual schedules per channel centralized control all contents remote control screens via server.

DIGI UP Desk comes standard one-year warranty option extend up three years.

Yes optional accessories include Content Management System internal SIM card module external battery.

Yes remote maintenance app allows support team provide technical assistance remotely quickly assist questions problems.

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