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Everyone has seen it often enough, yet it remains an indispensable element in the world of advertising – the customer stopper! These double-sided sidewalk signs are not only eye-catchers but also extremely effective advertising media for use in front of shops, in busy pedestrian zones, or at events of all kinds. The SWING TANK customer stopper sets new standards. With UV-stabilized foils and a snap frame mounted on springs, it offers not only a robust construction but also an appealing presentation of your advertising message. Even the most adverse weather conditions cannot harm the SWING TANK customer stopper, thanks to its heavy water tank that ensures perfect stability. Whether it’s bright sunshine, heavy rain, or stormy winds – this advertising display remains stable and reliably in place. The integrated wheels on the bottom also make it easy to transport, so you can flexibly position your advertising at any time.

Another advantage of the SWING TANK customer stopper is its thoughtful design. The proven snap frame technology with a novel profile structure not only ensures easy handling but also eliminates sharp corners and edges that could pose potential hazards. Your customers can thus move safely and carefree near the customer stopper while your advertising message is effectively presented.

  • Durable due to solid workmanship
  • UV foils against fading of motifs
  • Quick motif change due to sophisticated technology
  • Elegant design and rounded corners for maximum accident safety
  • Back panel made of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Poster stand, poster display stand
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Scale of prices

Pavement Board SWING TANK 50x70 cm

from 3 pcs.: € 163,-
from 5 pcs.: € 156,-
from 10 pcs.: € 145,-

Pavement Board SWING TANK A1

from 3 pcs.: € 174,-
from 5 pcs.: € 167,-
from 10 pcs.: € 154,-

Pavement Board SWING TANK 70x100 cm

from 3 pcs.: € 191,-
from 5 pcs.: € 182,-
from 10 pcs.: € 168,-

Pavement Board SWING TANK A0

from 3 pcs.: € 213,-
from 5 pcs.: € 203,-
from 10 pcs.: € 188,-


larger quantities on request!



Frame mounted on springs
Massive water tank with wheels

Poster cover

Anti-reflective film
UV stabilized


Back wall made of hot-dip galvanized sheet


aluminum snap frame with integrated sealing rubber

Colour variations



Pavement Board Stopper SWING TANK A1
Height: 120 cm
Poster format: 2 x (84 x 60 cm)

Pavement Board Stopper SWING TANK A0
Height: 155 cm
Poster format: 2 x (119 x 84 cm)

Further information

The SWING TANK customer stopper combines robust construction with smart technology to give your advertising maximum presence. With its heavy water tank, it offers unwavering stability, even under extreme weather conditions. By filling the tank with water, the customer stopper becomes nearly immune to gusts of wind, while the spring-loaded flaps provide additional stability by cushioning strong gusts. This poster display stand is available in common poster sizes A0 and A1 and can also be fully colored in black upon request to optimally fit into your design concept. The poster frame itself is equipped with a sturdy 33mm aluminum snap profile that ensures secure and easy handling. With the SWING TANK customer stopper, you effectively showcase your advertising message and are sure to capture the attention of your target audience.

Yes, the UV-stabilized films of the customer stopper SWING TANK are specially designed to protect your advertising motif from the harmful effects of sunlight. Even with intense sunlight exposure, your messages and graphics remain vibrant and appealing, ensuring that your customer stopper always effectively advertises.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the customer stopper SWING TANK, changing the motif is effortless. The snap frame allows for quick insertion and replacement of advertising material without the need for special tools. This gives you the flexibility to regularly update your advertising messages and tailor them to current offers or events.

Absolutely, the customer stopper SWING TANK is not only an effective advertising medium but has also been designed with a special focus on safety. Its elegant design with rounded corners minimizes potential hazards and provides maximum protection for pedestrians. In addition, the back panel is made of galvanized sheet metal, ensuring a sturdy and durable construction.

Yes, the customer stopper SWING TANK has been designed for use in various weather conditions.

The customer stopper SWING TANK is available in standard poster formats A0 and A1, giving you the opportunity to customize the size of the customer stopper to meet your specific requirements. Whether you want to present large graphics or concise slogans, the customer stopper SWING TANK offers enough space for your advertising messages.

Yes, to ensure that your customer stopper perfectly matches your corporate design or advertising concept, we also offer the option of delivering the customer stopper in black upon request.

Absolutely, the poster frame of the customer stopper SWING TANK is equipped with a robust 33mm aluminum snap profile that ensures secure handling and stable presentation of your advertising materials. In addition, the snap springs are designed to withstand strong gusts of wind and increase the stability of the customer stopper, ensuring that your advertising stands out even in unpredictable weather conditions.

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