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Everyone has seen it many times and yet it is an integral part of the advertising world – the customer stopper! The two-sided sidewalk displays are ideal advertising media in front of shops, in the pedestrian zone or at all kinds of events. By default, the sidewalk display STANDARD has UV-stabilized foils and impact-resistant metal back panels, and the sophisticated technology makes it easy to change graphics. The robust hinges and the 32mm wide aluminum profiles of the Sidewalk Display STANDARD ensure that the sidewalk display can be used for a long time. Due to the waterproof poster pockets, it is ideal for rainy weather.

  • High quality
  • UV film against bleaching of the motif
  • Lightning-fast change of subject
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Optional Poster pockets against moisture
  • Waterproof for use in the rain
  • Elegant design and rounded corners for maximum accident safety
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Scale of prices: Sidewalk Display STANDARD

Sidewalk Display STANDARD A2

from 3 pcs.: € 65,-
from 5 pcs.: € 59,-
from 10 pcs.: € 56,-

Sidewalk Display STANDARD A1

from 3 pcs.: € 81,-
from 5 pcs.: € 74,-
from 10 pcs.: € 70,-

Sidewalk Display STANDARD A0

from 3 pcs.: € 139,-
from 5 pcs.: € 133,-
from 10 pcs.: € 124,-


larger quantities on request!

Specifications: Sidewalk Display STANDARD


shapely, stable - without dangerous edges


extremely stable square profile
32 mm aluminum snap frame

Poster Cover

Anti-reflective film
UV stabilized


Brochure basket A4
Waterproof poster cover

Dimensions: Sidewalk Display STANDARD

Sidewalk Display STANDARD A2
Height: 91 cm
Poster format: 2 x A2

Sidewalk Display STANDARD A1
Height: 110 cm
Poster format: 2 x A1

Sidewalk Display STANDARD A0
Height: 140 cm
Poster format: 2 x A0

Further information: Sidewalk Display STANDARD

Can the sidewalk display waterproof also be used outdoors?

Yes. The sidewalk display can be used indoors and outdoors. The anti-reflective film protects the poster from fading. A optional plastic poster pocket protects the poster from moisture.


How is the poster exchanged?

The waterproof walkway display has a snap frame profile. The snap frame is opened and the poster placed behind the anti-reflective film.


Is there a suitable basket for brochures?

Yes. An A4 wire hanging basket can be ordered as an accessory for the customer stopper.


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