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In the era of digitalization, the advertising world has significantly changed, especially evident in the innovations in customer stoppers and advertising stands. This development is not a coincidence, but rather a result of the clear advantages that digital display stands bring. The flexibility of these advertising tools is impressive: they allow for tailored advertising content based on location and time, significantly increasing their effectiveness. Whether on busy shopping streets, lively shopping centers, trade fairs, or stylish company reception areas – passersby are reached much more effectively and made receptive to marketing messages through dynamic images, creative video content, and attractively designed clips.

What sets these modern digital display stands apart from other digital ads is their exceptional adaptability. Content can not only be easily uploaded via USB stick but also conveniently and centrally managed. This significantly reduces workload while increasing flexibility in content updates. If WLAN or LAN are not available, a built-in 4G module can ensure a steady and uninterrupted connection. The advanced technology of these digital advertising displays transforms the way advertising is done, allowing companies to dynamically and purposefully convey their messages.

The ability to adjust content in real-time and utilize various media formats opens up a new level of interaction and customer engagement for the advertising industry.

  • High-quality 55-inch display
  • Slim metal casing
  • Location-independent application
  • Integrated media player
  • Central content management
  • Easy operation
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Specifications: DIGI UP Window


Screen diagonal: 55 inches
Dimensions Screen: W 740 x H 1270 x D 65 mm
Dimensions Stand: W 730 x H 1690 x D 430 mm


57 kg


Galvanized steel sheet powder-coated
White or Black

Application Area


Technical Data

Resolution: FullHD 1080 x 1920
Display type: LCD
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Response time: 8 ms
Panel Technology: IPS / Non-Touch
Media Player: Android 11 RK3568 / optional LINUX
Internal memory: 4GB / 32GB
Supported formats: JPEG (recommended) / BMP / JPEG / MP4 (recommended) / AVI / MPEG / WMW / MP3
Connections: 2x USB, 1x HDMI Out
Speakers: 2x 3 Watt
Power consumption: 240 Watt

Scope of delivery

DIGI UP Window
Wall Mount
Power cord

Optional Accessories

Content Management System
Internal SIM card module
Stand for DIGI UP Window

Further information: DIGI UP Window

The DIGIUP Window offers a versatile solution for presenting digital content in various public spaces. Its applications range from displaying advertising, information, and entertainment to menus or corporate communications. The flexibility of this stand allows for a cost-effective implementation of a digital presentation of various content. Content for the DIGIUP Window can be uploaded in two ways: either through a simple USB stick or via a user-friendly online content management system. These options ensure easy handling and the ability to quickly and efficiently update and adapt content as needed.

User-friendly USB software that allows playback of images, videos, audio, and text documents. A specially coded USB stick ensures that only authorized content is played on the media player, preventing unauthorized individuals from uploading unwanted content. The content is securely stored on the media player, allowing the USB stick to be safely removed after transfer or deletion without risk of theft or failure. Content sequencing can be conveniently set on the PC, enabling easy and flexible organization. Additionally, display duration for each element can be set directly on the screen, allowing for precise content adjustments. This solution requires only one-time costs with no hidden fees or recurring expenses, providing a cost-effective way to manage and present content without ongoing financial burdens.

Our Digital Signage Software DIGIUP allows you to easily and intuitively control your screens centrally from anywhere. Data transmission is secure and protected, with password-protected administrative access. No local server resources are required as data is securely stored in the cloud. You have the ability to pre-set sequences including their duration as well as start and end times of presentations. Our support team is available 24/7 via email to assist with any inquiries.

The benefits and features of our software include:

  • A unified and modern user interface ensuring easy and intuitive operation.
  • Central management of multiple displays and content from different locations.
  • Compatibility with a variety of hardware devices such as monitors, kiosks, digital customer stoppers, regardless of screen sizes and formats.
  • Ability to create individual schedules for content per channel.
  • Comprehensive user management with different levels and permissions.
  • Centralized control of all content as well as management of screen groups where different content can run simultaneously on different displays.
  • Remote control of screens via the server and user-friendly administration through web access.

With DIGI UP customer stoppers, you have a powerful solution at hand to efficiently and effectively control and manage your digital content regardless of your location or the number of screens used.

Our digital customer stopper leverages Digital Signage technology allowing dynamic adaptation of content based on location and time of day. Unlike traditional advertising stands, this system not only displays static content but also moving images, videos, and creative clips to better engage passersby and raise awareness for your advertising message.

Content can be uploaded via a USB stick or conveniently managed centrally. This provides a flexible way to adjust and update content to meet the requirements and needs of your target audience.

Our DIGI UP Window features a high-quality 55-inch Full HD display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920. It includes an integrated media player, 4GB/32GB internal storage, supports formats such as JPEG, BMP, MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMW, and MP3. It also has USB ports and 2x 3 Watt speakers.

No, the DIGI UP Window is specifically designed for indoor use and is not suitable for outdoor environments.

The customer stopper comes with a standard one-year warranty. There is also an option to extend the warranty up to 3 years.

Yes, there are optional accessories such as the Content Management System, internal SIM card module and a Stand for the DIGI UP Window to enhance functionality and customization options for the customer stopper.

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