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Star Tents with sturdy aluminium mast!
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Regardless of whether it is a garden party or a festival, star tents attract the attention of visitors with their powerful appearance and curved entrances. The star-shaped pavilions are not only a real eye-catcher, they are also particularly practical. With a diameter of up to 16 meters, our star tents offer protection from rain and sunlight for up to 105 people. The roof tarpaulin of the star tents is set up in a few simple steps using a robust crank function on the central pole. In addition to the standard colors, the “Vega” star tents are also available with a fully printed roof and side panels, making the tents ideal for promotional campaigns of all kinds.

  • unique price / performance ratio
  • Crank function for easy clamping (with a 5-year guarantee)
  • 100% waterproof, fire and UV resistant
  • Middle bar with 75mm diameter and 3mm wall thickness
  • Roof made of 270 g / m² polyester with a polyurethane coating (lighter and more resistant than PVC coating)
  • Roof and side panels can be fully printed
  • Ground anchor with a length of 75cm
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Specifications: Star Tents


Central pole made of aluminum
Roof made of 420D polyester with polyurethane coating

Set up effort

2 people, 15 minutes


Roof and side panels can be completely printed


Triangle measuring leash

Scope of delivery

Post set with crank
Ground anchor

Dimensions: Star Tents

Star Tents 10 m
Diameter: 10 m
Height: 5 m
Passage height: 2,2 m
Weight: 67 kg

Star Tents 12 m
Diameter: 12 m
Height: 6 m
Passage height: 2,2 m
Weight: 77,5 kg

Star Tents 14 m
Diameter: 14 m
Height: 6 m
Passage height: 2,2 m
Weight: 78,5 kg

Star Tents 16 m
Diameter: 16 m
Height: 6 m
Passage height: 2,2 m
Weight: 83,5 kg

Further information: Star Tents

1) Find the center point of the star tent.

2) Determine the position of the first anchor point

Star tent 10 m: each 5 m between the pegs and between the peg and the center point

Star tent 12 m: 6 m each between the pegs and between the peg and center point

Star tent 14 m: 7 m each between the pegs and between the peg and the center point

Star tent 16 m: 8 m each between the pegs and between the peg and center point

3) Drive the ground anchors into the ground until about 5 cm of the anchor is still visible.

4) Place the roof tarpaulin on the groundsheet and slide the aluminum feet around the ground anchors.

5) Slide the mast under the tent up to the top of the roof tarpaulin.

6) Slide the mast up while sliding the bottom of the mast towards the center.

7) Place the mast in the floor bracket.

8) Turn the crank clockwise to open the roof tarpaulin.


!! Security advice !!


The tent MUST ALWAYS be adequately and correctly anchored!

We do not recommend using our star tents at wind speeds above 4 Beaufort.

Evacuate the tent in gusts over 90 km / h.

If the tent is left standing at night or for a long time, condensation can form. This can be done at the seams

begin to drip, making it appear that the tent is not waterproof. This is of course not the case.

Never pack the tent wet. Let it dry sufficiently!

How long does it take to setup the tent?

It takes two people about 15 minutes.


Is it possible to zip in side panels in the star tent?

Yes, there are also side panels as an option.


How strong is the mast of the star tent?

The central mast has a diameter of 75 mm and a wall thickness of 3 mm

For other tents: central mast 68 mm in diameter and 2.5 mm in wall thickness.


What distinguishes the tarpaulin?

Cloth with 270 g / m² polyurethane coating (lighter but stronger than PVC coating)

For other tents: canvas with 320 g / m² PVC coating


Can the star tent also be set up on asphalt or concrete?

The tent is primarily designed for the meadow. Ground anchors with a length of 75 cm provide the necessary support. Other tents usually only use 50 cm ground anchors.

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