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Amidst the plethora of available advertising media, Beachflags SHARK stand out with their distinctive, elongated shape. Their simple construction makes them a popular medium for advertising purposes, whether on ski slopes, at trade fairs, or corporate locations. Beachflags offer an effective way to present advertising messages. Images, logos, and texts can be printed on one or both sides as needed (single-sided with the reverse side in mirror image or double-sided with double-layered fabric). Beachflags SHARK are available in various sizes and are characterized by their quality and durability. The use of high-quality materials ensures easy and quick setup without sacrificing stability.

In addition to different sizes, Beachflags SHARK are available in four different designs with variously sewn bottom edges. In today’s world of advertising, beach flags are an indispensable element and will continue to play a significant role at various events. To accommodate different surfaces, we offer suitable ground fixings, including metal plates, ground spikes, or snow drills.

Quality is at the forefront

Many providers rely on aluminum pole systems for their beach flags. While these may be more cost-effective, they tend to bend in strong winds, necessitating the replacement of the entire system. Our pole systems are made of carbon and fiberglass, making them extremely robust and able to withstand various weather conditions.

Most beach flags on the market come with inferior packaging bags. These bags may seem acceptable at first glance but tend to break after just a few uses, rendering the bag unusable. We deliver all our beach flags in high-quality transport bags made from tear-resistant canvas with premium zippers. These bags ensure long-term usability even with frequent use.

  • All floor fixings suitable for all bar sizes
  • Fast construction and flexible use
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be used on any ground condition
  • Easy & practical to carry
  • 4 shape variants available
  • Weather & UV resistant
  • High quality transport bag
  • High quality – low price!
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Scale of prices: Promotional Feather Flag

Promotional Feather Flag S

from 3 pcs. € 99,- (€ 114,-)
from 5 pcs. € 88,- (€ 105,-)
from 10 pcs. € 79,- (€ 105,-)

Promotional Feather Flag M

from 3 pcs. € 109,- (€ 127,-)
from 5 pcs. € 99,- (€ 127,-)
from 10 pcs. € 91,- (€ 127,-)

Promotional Feather Flag L

from 3 pcs. € 132,- (€ 172,-)
from 5 pcs. € 119,- (€ 172,-)
from 10 pcs. € 119,- (€ 153,-)


larger quantities on request!

Specifications: Promotional Feather Flag

Print Medium

High quality 140g / m² flag fabric
machine washable
light, water and sun resistant


Thermal sublimation printing 4/0, backside mirror immage approx. 90%
Double-sided thermal sublimation printing 4/4




Hemstitch made from hard-wearing trimmings (standard black - but also possible in white on request)


Pole system made of fiberglass and carbon


Ground bases

Scope of delivery

Pole system
printed flag fabric
Transport bag


Minimum Order Quantity: 2 pcs

Dimensions: Promotional Feather Flag

Promotional Feather Flag S
Print part: 68 x 208 cm
System height: 240 cm

Promotional Feather Flag M
Print part: 75 x 314 cm
System height: 350 cm

Promotional Feather Flag L
Print part: 80 x 421 cm
System height: 460 cm

Further information: Promotional Feather Flag

Beachflags have established themselves as extremely effective advertising media and are becoming an indispensable part of marketing campaigns. There are several crucial aspects to consider when choosing the right beach flag, from high-quality manufacturing to product quality.

It is also important to ensure that spare parts are available should anything get damaged. As a reputable provider of beach flags, we place great emphasis on excellent customer service that includes the provision of spare parts. For example, if company logos change, we offer the option to replace only the fabrics of our beach flags while the actual system can continue to be used. This approach supports sustainability and reduces waste since not the entire flag system needs to be replaced.

The uses for beach flags are extremely versatile and range from shopping centers to ski slopes. We offer suitable ground fixings for every surface type, whether rocky grounds, sand or snow. Thanks to our diverse fixing solutions, our beach flag presentations can always be placed securely and stably regardless of venue or surface.

The flexibility and visual impact of beach flags make them an effective marketing tool. They are not only easy to set up but also highly mobile and can easily be used at various locations to effectively present your advertising message.

Open the transport bag and take out the individual poles for the beach flag.

Arrange these fiberglass poles in order as they need to be connected to form a long and stable pole.

Start connecting the poles by joining the ends together until you have one continuous elongated pole.

Then gently pull the beach flag fabric over the entire length of the pole. Make sure that the fabric slides evenly over the tip of the pole without snagging to avoid damage.

A gentle and even approach when pulling up the fabric is crucial for a smooth presentation of the beach flag.

Once the fabric is fully pulled over the pole attach ribbon lower end beach flag designated hook pole.

This secures fabric bottom end pole ensures tight appealing presentation flag.

Finally place prepared Beachflag Shark corresponding ground fixing.

Choose appropriate fixing method depending surface such metal plate ground spike snow drill ensure Beachflag stable firmly anchored.

After these careful steps nothing stands way effective promotional deployment Beachflag Shark.

Its striking presence clear message will surely attract attention visitors effectively convey your advertising message.

Our Beachflags offer wide range printing options – from single-sided print reverse side mirror image double-sided print double-layered fabric. Here images logos texts can printed meet your requirements.

Beachflag SHARK available various detail shapes: Concave Convex Straight Angled. Each shape differs individually sewn bottom edges thus offering multifaceted selection different presentation needs.

Quality Beachflags crucial their endurance stability especially under various weather conditions. Our pole system made resilient materials like carbon fiberglass ensuring high resistance against wind weather.

Our Beachflags delivered high-quality transport bags made tear-resistant canvas premium zippers. These bags not only robust but also ensure long-term use even frequent transport use.

Yes our top-notch aftersales service includes provision spare parts. For instance logo needs changed only fabrics Beachflags replaced while actual system reused – economical sustainable solution.

Application areas Beachflags extremely diverse ranging shopping centers ski slopes. Thanks wide range ground fixing options they can stably placed any surface both indoors outdoors.

No assembly Beachflags straightforward lightning-fast complete.Simple handling allows quick hassle-free deployment.

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