Folding Tent 6x3 Rental

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Faltzelte 3x6 Vermietung

Since it is not always economically sensible to purchase a folding tent, as a long-standing provider of high-quality folding tents and folding pavilions we offer our customers the opportunity to rent tents from us for the duration of their event.

As with all of our products, we naturally set the highest quality standards for our rental tents. Our folding tent frames consist of high-strength, rust-free aluminum profiles & aluminum connecting elements and thus form a perfect and robust basis. The roof and side walls are made of tear-resistant, 420D polyester with PVC coating. Our folding tents are flame retardant, UV-resistant and 100 percent water-repellent.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. It is also important to us to keep loan processing as straightforward as possible. The tents can therefore also be picked up and returned on weekends.

Overview of advantages

  • fair pricing
  • uncomplicated processing
  • Collection and return also on weekends
  • flexible rental period
  • Premium quality folding tents
  • Complete price


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Prices: Folding tent 6x3 rental

Folding tent 6x3

1 day: € 100,-
2 days: € 150,-
Weekend: € 190,-
1 week: € 300,-


longer or repeating periods on request!

Technical specifications: Folding Tent 6x3


high-strength aluminum
40×40 mm profiles
screws, nuts and bolts used are made of stainless, nickel-plated steel

Sidewalls and roof

tear-proof 420D polyester with PVC coating
flame retardant
100 percent water-repellent


with 15 kg metal base plates


Folding Tent with a black roof and black sidewalls
6 metal base plates
carrying bag

Dimensions: Folding Tent 6x3

6,0 x 3,0 m

Pack size:
49 x 28 x 163 cm

Total height:
3,3 m

Clearance height:
2,0 m

51 kg

Further information: Folding Tent 6x3

Our folding tents are not only of the highest quality, but are also characterized by their simple and quick construction. The tent system is ready for use within a minute. The following folding tent assembly instructions are intended to provide a visual understanding of the assembly. Ideally, 2 people should be available for assembly and disassembly.

Step 1: Unpack the folding tent frame from the transport bag and place it on the metal feet.

Step 2: Stand in the middle of the short sides of the folding tent. Grip the metal scissors with both hands on the left and right of the middle. Now you have to pull back and lift at the same time so that the frame slowly unfolds. Pull the frame apart about two thirds.

Step 3: Now take the roof of the folding tent and place it over the folding tent frame. The corners of the roof should fit the corners of the frame. Now fix the corners of the roof with the inner Velcro loops on the frame and the roof tips with the fastening cords.

Step 4: Now stand in front of the short sides of the folding tent and pull the folding tent frame as far apart as possible. You then have to push up the corner and center gliders until they snap into place. When dismantling, you have to pull the metal ring out of the latch so that the corner and center gliders slide back again and the folding tent can be folded up again.

Step 5: The roof of the folding tent should be stretched at this point. Now extend the corner feet to the full length, on one side at the same time. Repeat this process on the other side. In the case of folding tents with 6 feet, the middle feet are only extended when the corners are already extended. Finally, you should now tension all the valance tensioners from the inside so that the surface of the valance becomes as smooth as possible.

Step 6: Now you can equip your folding tent with side parts and various accessories. Please note the prevailing weather conditions and fix your folding tent accordingly.

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