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The tennis banner CLASSIC offers the ideal solution to not only make your tennis court functional, but also visually enhance it. In addition to serving as advertising banners, they effectively function as privacy screens and windbreakers. The variety of colors is the focus – the tennis banners CLASSIC are available in different base colors and can also be printed with a wide range of colors. These banners are a real enhancement for the aesthetic design of your tennis court.
The high-quality processing of the tennis banners CLASSIC is a given. The banners are extremely durable and come standard with reinforced edges and metal eyelets. The included metal carabiners allow for easy and secure attachment. Therefore, the tennis banners CLASSIC are the optimal choice for those who want more than just the classic green/black banners on their tennis court.

NOTE: If you are looking for classic green tennis banners with black printing, then our product Windbreak Banner AKTION is right for you!

  • High quality material
  • 13 standard colours
  • Individual printing colour – multicolour print possible
  • Extremely tear-resistant
  • Tennis Windbreaker nets
  • High wind permeability
  • UV-resistant
  • Water and weather resistant
  • individual design
  • Short delivery time
  • Matching snap hooks are also available on request
  • Snap hooks included
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Specifications: Tennis Banner / Windbreak Banner Classic


Highly tear-resistant fabric (HDPE 200g / sqm)

13 standard colours available


Tear-proof, robust, UV-resistant
Water and weather resistant
Wind permeable


15 standard colours available

price contains: print in standard colour at a max of 40% of the windbreak banner

Additional charge:
individual print colour: +25%
print colour white: +30 EUR / windbreak banner
print area > 40% of the windbreak banner


Edge reinforcement
Metal eyelets every 50cm
Snap hooks included

Further information: Tennis Banner / Windbreak Banner Classic

Tennis banners are much more than just advertising banners today. They are characteristic of tennis courts and play a crucial role in creating a pleasant atmosphere in clubs. Without these banners, tennis courts appear almost naked. In addition to their obvious advertising purpose, tennis banners also serve functional purposes. They protect against prying eyes and act as effective windbreakers. The versatility of these banners makes them an indispensable element for every tennis court, improving not only the image but also the comfort and privacy of players and spectators alike.

The tennis banners CLASSIC are made from highly tear-resistant fabric (HDPE 200g/m²), giving them impressive durability and tear resistance. These banners are also UV-resistant, water and weather resistant, as well as wind-permeable. The high-quality processing of these banners is ensured by the base material used. The CLASSIC banners are available in various base colors, including Signal White, Zinc Yellow, Traffic Orange, Fire Red, Blue Lilac, Sapphire Blue, Capri Blue, Sky Blue, Signal Green, Pine Green, Brown Beige, Window Gray, and Deep Black. This wide color palette allows for creative and versatile design options, with virtually no limits to individual requirements and design ideas.

The tennis banner CLASSIC is printed using the cliché printing process in up to four colors. For each printing color, a stencil is created where every detail must be cut out. Unlike digital printing, cliché printing does not allow for overly complex layouts or fine details (minimum font height 5cm, lines and spacing minimum 1cm, no QR codes, maximum 4 colors).

Available printing colors include: Traffic Yellow, Melon Yellow, Pastel Orange, Pure Orange, Ruby Red, Traffic Red, Ultramarine Blue, Sky Blue,Turquoise Green,Yellow Green,Mint Green,Silver Grey,Mouse Grey ,Deep Black ,Signal White (a surcharge applies for white).

Unlike the Tennis Banner AKTION,the price of the Tennis Banner CLASSIC depends on the print width with three price categories defined:

-up to 40% of total width

-between 40% and 60% of total width

-over 60% of total width

The Tennis Banner CLASSIC not only offers an effective advertising space but also serves as a reliable privacy screen and windbreaker. With its variety of available colors,it also allows for an individual visual enhancement of your tennis court.

The CLASSIC Banners are made from highly tear-resistant fabric (HDPE 200g/m²), giving them durability and tear resistance.They are also UV-resistant,watertight,and weatherproof as well as wind-permeable.The high-quality processing including reinforced edges and metal eyelets ensures longevityand easy attachment.

The CLASSIC Banners come in various base colors including Signal White,Zinc Yellow,Traffic Orange.Fire Red.Blue Lilac,Sapphire Blue,Capri Blue,Sky Blue.Signal Green,Pine Green,Brown Beige.Window Gray,and Deep Black.This wide color palette opens up numerous design possibilities.

The CLASSIC Banners are printed using cliché printing process in up to four colors.No overly complex layouts or fine details possible(minimum font height 5 cm,line spacing minimum 1 cm,no QR codes).

Prices depend on print width in three categories:up to 40%of total width,between 40%and 60%of total width,and over 60%of total width.This allows for transparent pricing based on individual requirements.

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