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In addition to a price / performance ratio that is unique on the market, we also offer our customers a large selection of folding tent accessories and spare parts. No matter whether heating, trolley, gutters or individual screws, the majority of our folding tent accessories are in stock and can therefore be called up at any time.

The Folding Tent Accessories at a Glance

Zubehör Beschwerungsplatte 15kg

Weight galvanized 15 kg: The 15 kg metal base plate ensures a solid stand. It is suitable for stand-alone tents as well as for connected tent landscapes.

Zubehör Beschwerungsplatte 30kg

Weight galvanized 30 kg: The 30 kg metal base plate ensures maximum stability even in gusty winds. It is suitable for stand-alone tents as well as for connected tent landscapes.

Zubehör Beschwerungstank

Water tank 15l: The water tank offers maximum flexibility due to its low empty weight of only 1.2 kg with good stability at the same time. Dimensions: 37 x 37 x 10 cm.

Zubehör Sand-Wassersack

Sand / water bag: The bag is made of robust PVC and can be filled with approx. 40 l water or 60 kg sand.


Sand bags: filled with approx.15 kg sand.


Herring set: Consists of 6 pegs, each 20cm, including a bag


Guy strap: Guy strap for tensioning the folding tent

Zubehoer_Befestigungsset 1

Fastening set 1: Consisting of 4 long, stable pegs, 4 guy straps and 2 smaller herring sets including a bag. Everything is in a lockable plastic box. Suitable for folding tents of sizes: 2.5 × 2.5; 2.5 x 5; 3 × 3; 3 x 4.5; 4 × 4

Zubehoer_Befestigungsset 2

Fastening set 2: Consisting of 6 long, stable pegs, 3 guy straps and 3 smaller peg sets including a bag. Everything is in a lockable plastic box. Suitable for folding tents of sizes: 3 × 6; 4×6; 4 × 8


Connecting clamp: With the help of tent connecting clamps, you can connect any number of folding tents to a tent city.


Rain gutter: The rain gutter enables a rainproof transition between two connected tents. The gutter is attached to the tent roofs in a matter of seconds by means of Velcro on both sides and is available to fit all folding tent sizes.


Transport trolley: thanks to its integrated castors, the transport trolley ensures maximum comfort when transporting the tent. The trolley is made of robust PVC.

Zubehoer_Transporttasche (2)

Cover protection: To ensure that the frame is not damaged during transport, the appropriate polyester cover protection is available for all folding tent sizes.

Zubehoer_Transporttasche (3)

Carrying bag: Carrying bags allow convenient transportation of the roof and side walls. The bag is available in three different sizes.

Zubehoer_Balken halbe Seitenwand

Beam for half the side wall: The beam for half the side walls is simply clamped between the tent posts using screw fixings and is absolutely necessary with this variant. The bar is available for all tents and is supplied including the screw fixings.


Folding tent bar: The folding tent counter is perfect for use in markets and in catering. The counter is available in 3m, 4m and 4.5m lengths and is simply clamped between the tent posts using screw fixings.

Zubehoer_Beleuchtung (3)

LED lamp set: The LED lamp set illuminates your folding tent and is also extremely economical in terms of power consumption (3 x 10 watts) due to the LED spotlights.


Light / heating lamps: Heating lamps make your folding tent suitable for winter. The lamps, each with 500 watts, are simply attached to the frame in seconds using fixing screws. The scope of delivery includes 8 bulbs, 4 for light and 4 for heating.

Flightcase für LED Lampenset

Flightcase: for Light / heating lamps and LED lamp set, to protect them from damage.

LED Lampe 4

LED lamps: The battery-powered LED flashlights can be attached to all aluminum parts of the tent. Their light intensity can be set in 4 different levels, whereby the LED flashlight is charged using a USB charger (22oV, included in the scope of delivery). The length of the flashlight measures 40cm, its light intensity is 450 lumens.

Zubehoer_Flight Case

Flight case: Flight cases are available for all folding tents for maximum protection against the harshest treatments during transport. They are extremely robust, equipped with wheels and, depending on the version, weigh between 20 and 35 kilograms.


Connecting element: the connecting element enables a dry passage between two folding tents.

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