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The double deck chair has now established itself primarily as a promotional tool. Originally designed for use on cruise ships, it has evolved into an effective advertising medium used in various environments. Whether in hotel pool areas, beer gardens, city beach clubs, or outdoor events – the deck chair provides a relaxed atmosphere that is ideal for placing advertising messages. Our double deck chairs are not only comfortable and functional but also tailored for advertising purposes. With their foldable construction, adjustable backrest, and durable materials, they offer not only plenty of comfort but also an optimal presentation space for brands and companies. The option of full-surface digital printing allows for integrating individual designs and corporate identities in a striking manner. Furthermore, our deck chairs are FSC certified, meaning they come from sustainably managed forests and meet environmental standards. This underscores the commitment to sustainability and also provides a positive message for environmentally conscious customers. The unique price-performance ratio of our deck chairs makes them an attractive option for companies looking for effective advertising tools. Stackable and easy to transport, they offer maximum flexibility for promotional events and promotions.

  • 3-way adjustable backrest
  • Stackable
  • Double deck chair for 2 people
  • Continuous or separate seat area
  • FSC certified
  • Very robust
  • High quality
  • Individually printed
  • Unique price-performance ratio
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Scale of prices


from 10 pcs.: € 94,-
from 25 pcs.: € 84,-
from 50 pcs.: € 82,-


larger quantities on request!
Minimum order quantity 5 pieces



125 x 120 x 3,2 cm


approx. 5.7 kg


260g Polyester

Deck Chair

TÜV certified
FSC certified


Natural wood

Advertising space

On the polyester cover

Wood glaze

Optional, available in various colors


full-surface digital printing included in the price


Surcharge wood glaze € 7 per deck chair


Minimum order quantity 5 pieces

Further information

Double deck chairs as advertising tools offer a unique opportunity to create brand presence and reach customers. The fact that two people can sit on one deck chair often triggers subconscious associations of togetherness and relaxation, creating a positive connection to the advertised brand. The seat of double deck chairs can be made of either a continuous fabric or two separate individual seat areas, allowing for flexibility in design. The full-surface printability of the seat area opens up the possibility to skillfully implement any company’s corporate identity. Whether as a cool photo motif at events, as an advertising medium at roadshows, or in beach clubs – double deck chairs attract attention and bring the brand into the spotlight.

The stackability of double deck chairs not only facilitates storage but also makes them ideal for transportation and use at various events. Additionally, there is the option to stain the wooden frame of the deck chairs with a colored finish, which not only increases weather resistance but also attracts additional attention, making the deck chair a real eye-catcher. Double deck chairs offer a creative and effective way to increase brand presence and excite customers as advertising tools. With their appealing design and versatility, they are an investment that pays off for companies and provides customers with a pleasant and relaxed seating experience.

Absolutely! Our double deck chairs have been specifically designed for outdoor use. They are made of high-quality materials that are durable and weather-resistant. Whether in sunny hotel pool areas, relaxed beer gardens, or at outdoor events – our deck chairs are suitable for various environments. The optional protective stain for the wood slows down weathering and extends the lifespan.

Our double deck chairs feature a 3-way adjustable backrest. This allows users to find their optimal reclining position for maximum comfort, whether reading, sunbathing, or simply relaxing.

Yes, our double deck chairs are stackable, making them extremely convenient for storage and transportation. Especially for events where flexible furniture is needed, stackable deck chairs are highly advantageous.

The seat of our deck chairs can be fully printed to implement individual designs and corporate identities. Through a high-quality digital printing process, brilliant colors and sharp graphics are applied to attract the attention of potential customers.


Yes, our deck chairs are FSC certified, meaning that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests and meets strict environmental standards. We place great importance on sustainability and environmental protection in the production of our products.

The seat area can be designed either as a continuous fabric or as two separate individual seat areas according to preference to meet individual needs.

Upon request, the wooden frames of the deck chairs can be stained with a colored finish. This not only gives the deck chairs an appealing look but also makes the wood more resistant to weather influences.

In addition to our double deck chairs, we also offer various variants of single deck chairs – we have the right product for every need in our range.

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