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The Expolinc Rollup CLASSIC is one of the most exclusive rollups in our range and has been awarded for its functionality and elegant design. The rapid construction and simple exchange of graphics make the Expolinc Rollup CLASSIC a long-term companion at events of all kinds. The solid aluminum cassette is resistant to the roughest treatment and due to its enormous width, high stability can be achieved. The Expolinc Roll up CLASSIC is packaged as standard in an extremely durable transport bag, which means that the aluminum cassette is always protected against damage. As with all of our Expolinc series roll ups, we offer a lifetime warranty on the system.

  • Lifetime warranty on the system
  • High quality innerspring
  • Solid aluminum cassette
  • High stability
  • Robust transport bag
  • Exchange of graphics possible
  • Can be used for many years
  • Premium quality
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Scale of prices: Expolinc Rollup CLASSIC

Expolinc Roll up CLASSIC 85

from 3 pcs.: € 274,-
from 5 pcs.: € 258,-
from 10 pcs.: € 255,-

Expolinc Roll up CLASSIC 100

from 3 pcs.: € 289,-
from 5 pcs.: € 273,-
from 10 pcs.: € 270,-


larger quantities on request!

Specifications: Expolinc Rollup CLASSIC

Print Medium

Special film with barrier layer (opaque)
matt back
Ferrari Premium Banner (not opaque, no curling)


High quality aluminum housing with spring core,
three-part bar and panel bar


Padded packaging
wide opening for optimal removal


Halogen lamp

Scope of delivery

Roll up Classic
Digital printing
Transport bag

Dimensions: Expolinc Rollup CLASSIC

Expolinc Rollup CLASSIC 85:

Visible size: 85 x 215 cm
Graphic dimensions: 85 x 240 cm

Expolinc Rollup CLASSIC 100:

Visible size: 100 x 215 cm
Graphic dimensions: 100 x 240 cm

Further information: Expolinc Rollup CLASSIC

Take the Roll up Expolinc Classic and the 3-part rod out of the transport bag. Connect the rods into a long rod and insert it into the small hole provided in the center of the cassette. Now pull out the roll-up print on the bar protruding from the cassette and attach it to the rod head. Please note that rollups are designed for indoor use and should therefore not be exposed to any wind.

What sizes is the Expolinc Rollup Classic available in?

The Expolinc Roll up Classic is only available with a width of 100 cm. For larger quantities, we can also offer rollups with a width of 85 cm.


Does the Expolinc Rollup Classic come with a transport bag?

Yes, the delivery includes an extremely high-quality transport bag.


What distinguishes the Expolinc Roll up Classic from similar looking models from the Internet?

Expolinc is the Mercedes among the rollups. In addition to the elegant design, the rollup also scores with its first-class workmanship. That is why we offer a lifelong guarantee on the system.


Can the graphics of the Expolinc Rollup Classic be exchanged?

Yes. A graphic change is possible.


Can the advertising space of a roll-up be changed?

The advertising space of the Roll up ECO and the Expolinc Roll up COMPACT cannot be changed because they have been glued to the spring core. Modifications should not be carried out by inexperienced people as the spring core could be damaged. We would be happy to take over these conversions for you.

With the Expolinc Roll up CLASSIC and DOUBLE, however, the advertising space can be changed. The advertising space was only anchored to the innerspring with the help of a plastic strip, which can be detached within a few seconds. We can send you more detailed information if required.


Do you also offer spare parts for roll ups? (Panel bars, terminal strips, …)

Of course, spare parts can be provided for all of our roll up systems.


Can roll ups be used outdoors?

Basically, roll ups are not designed for the outdoor area. Due to the low weight and the large area exposed to wind, we do not recommend outdoor use, as the stability cannot be guaranteed.

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