Cube Seat ECO (foldable)

Made from recycled PP Material
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It has long been known that printed cubes are very stout and are used in a variety of ways at trade fairs, POS and as event advertising. It is also known that seat cubes require a relatively large amount of space during transport due to their foam core.

It is different with the seat cube ECO (foldable). The seat cube ECO is a foldable and printable seat cube, which combines the advantages of conventional seat cube with efficiency in transport and storage. Thanks to its folding and plug-in mechanism, the advertising cube made of polypropylene can be unfolded within a few seconds.

  • Simple principle and still high load capacity (up to 250kg)
  • Recyclable
  • Light weight
  • Can be stored and transported in a very space-saving manner
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Conspicuous advertising medium
  • Printed individually according to customer requirements
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Scale of prices: Cube Seat ECO

Cube Seat ECO

from 25 pcs.: € 44,-
from 50 pcs.: € 40,-
from 100 pcs.: € 36,-


larger quantities on request

Specifications: Cube Seat ECO




Photo-realistic 4c printing

Set up

Construction using folding and plug-in technology


Minimum order quantity 10 pieces

Dimensions: Cube Seat ECO

Cube Seat ECO:
Dimensions set up: 28 x 38 x 40 cm

Further information: Cube Seat ECO

What sizes is the Cube Seat ECO seat cube available in?

The Flatcube ECO seat cube measures 28 x 38 x 40cm when assembled.


Is there a minimum purchase quantity for the Cube Seat ECO?

Yes, the minimum purchase quantity is 10 pieces.


Is printing included in the price?

Yes. A full-surface advertising print is already included in the price.


Is the printed cube easy to transport?

When folded, the advertising cube is very compact and space-saving to transport and store. Each seat cube is supplied with a protective cover.

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