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Promotional Teardrop Flags shape the picture of almost every event and are extremely striking and easy to set up. Whether on the ski slope, at trade fairs or in front of your company, your advertising messages can be optimally staged with images, logos and texts being printed on the beach flag on one side (= backside inversely) as well as on both sides (= double-layered fabric). Our beach flags are available in different sizes and impress with their extremely high quality and durability. The use of the highest quality materials guarantees a quick and easy assembly with a low weight and pack size. The beach flag is indispensable in today’s advertising world and will continue to find space for all kinds of events in the future.

Please note:

1) Many suppliers of beach flags use aluminum pole systems. Although these rod systems are cheaper to buy, but they bend easy in stronger wind conditions and the system has to be replaced. Our pole systems made of carbon and fiberglass are extremely robust and can withstand continuous use in any weather conditions.

2) The majority of beach flags on the market are delivered in inferior packaging bags. Although these look acceptable at first sight, the zipper will often break after a few uses, making the packaging bag no longer usable. We, on the other hand, deliver all our beach flags in high-quality transport bags, which are made of tear-resistant canvas and a high-quality zipper.

  • All floor fixings suitable for all bar sizes
  • Fast construction and flexible use
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be used on any ground condition
  • Easy & practical to carry
  • Weather & UV resistant
  • High quality transport bag
  • High quality – low price!
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Scope of delivery: Promotional Teardrop Flag

Promotional Teardrop Flag S

from 3 pcs. € 97,- (€ 113,-)
from 5 pcs. € 90,- (€ 107,-)
from 10 pcs. € 79,- (€ 96,-)

Promotional Teardrop Flag M

from 3 pcs. € 114,- (€ 141,-)
from 5 pcs. € 107,- (€ 139,-)
from 10 pcs. € 96,- (€ 128,-)

Promotional Teardrop Flag L

from 3 pcs. € 135,- (€ 181,-)
from 5 pcs. € 126,- (€ 181,-)
from 10 pcs. € 117,- (€ 169,-)


larger quantities on request!

Technische Daten: Promotional Teardrop Flag

Print Medium

High quality 140g / m² flag fabric
machine washable
light, water and sun resistant


Thermal sublimation printing 4/0, backside mirror immage approx. 90%
Double-sided thermal sublimation printing 4/4


Hemstitch made from hard-wearing trimmings (standard black - but also possible in white on request)


Pole system made of fiberglass and carbon


Ground bases

Scope of delivery

Pole system
printed flag fabric
Transport bag


Minimum Order Quantity: 2 pcs

Dimensions: Promotional Teardrop Flag

Promotional Teardrop Flag S
Print part: 80 x 194 cm
System height: 230 cm

Promotional Teardrop Flag M
Print part: 99 x 310 cm
System height: 340 cm

Promotional Teardrop Flag L
Print part: 121 x 367 cm
System height: 450 cm

Further information: Promotional Teardrop Flag

Open the transport bag and remove all poles of the beach flag. Now connect all the rods contained in a long rod. Pull the hemstitch of the beach flag completely over the pole. Make sure that the hemstitch always glides smoothly over the tip of the pole. Fix the ribbon, which is attached to the lower end of the beach flag, on the hook provided. Finally, put the Beachflag Drop in the base.

What is included in the delivery of a beach flag drop?

The price includes the poles, the printed fabric and a transport bag.


Can you clean the fabric of dirt?

Yes. The fabric can be machine washed at 30 degrees.


Can I exchange the beach flag advertising print if, for example, my logo changes?

Yes. Beach flag reprints are available individually, as are all components of the beach flags.


Are the floor fixings compatible with all beach flag sizes?

Yes, all of our floor mounts fit all Beach Flag sizes and shapes.


Can the hemstitch of the Beachflag Drop be designed in different colors?

The hemstitch is available in either white or black.


The pole system on my beach flag was stolen / broken off. Do I have to replace the entire beach flag now?

No, you just need a new pole system. We are happy to offer this to you.


Which floor mounting do I need for which surface?

We recommend the following:

Meadow, earth = earth thorn

Snow = snow thorn

Asphalt, stone = floor plate / cross base


When do I use the cross base or when do I use the base plate?

The cross base is mainly used when there are no strong gusts of wind. In stronger winds, however, the base plate is recommended to achieve sufficient stability.

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